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LIVE STREAM: Where in the world is Deontay Wilder going?

Depending on who he wants to face and how much money he wants, Wilder could make an interesting choice that affects the rest of his career.

It’s signing day! No, not that one, sorry NCAA. It is time to find out where Deontay Wilder will be taking his talents.

The landscape of boxing has changed, as streaming services have taken over the market, grabbing talent with their unlimited funds. Wilder, however, may not care about the alternative means of viewing boxing.

With his asking price at an absurd request, Wilder is making the rules up. The free agent has a big decision to make, especially if he wants the money fights him and his team have been craving for.

Where will Wilder’s apparent fight against mandatory challenger Dominic Breazeale take place? From least to most likely, here are the options Wilder may choose from.


Getting this out of the way now: Deontay Wilder will not be fighting under the DAZN banner. Here is what he turned down, according to ESPN:

1. Three fights worth $100 million: $20 million for the Breazeale fight, $40 million to fight Anthony Joshua and another $40 million for the rematch.
2. $Four fights worth 120 million: $20 million for the Breazeale fight, $40 million for the Joshua fight, $20 million for an unnamed opponent and $40 million for the Joshua rematch.

Wilder believes he can make $50 million each for the Joshua fights. Add in the fact that he still has to wait for the conclusion of Joshua v. Jarrell Miller in June, and the Bronze Bomber made an easy decision.

Top Rank/ESPN

This deal would seem like a no-brainer, due to the potential of a Tyson Fury rematch. Both of them fought to a draw in their contest back in December. A deal was about to be set for a rematch but Fury recently signed with Top Rank to the shock of everyone. The old saying goes, “if you can’t beat them, join them”, right?

It turns out, Wilder rejected an offer from Top Rank as well for a $12.5 million fight against an unnamed opponent to go along with a $20 million offer to face Fury once again. Whatever he wanted, he wasn’t going to get from ESPN.


Home sweet home. Wilder has been a staple of PBC and Showtime for the past few years. For Wilder, it is all about the PPV numbers he can generate. Add in the fact that FOX is a partner and Wilder can fight on various platforms.

Wilder has previously stated that the Breazeale fight should be on FOX, which would garner many viewers for PBC. Following that? A potential bout against Dillian Whyte, who is a free agent as well, is also on the table. It also helps that the press conference will be taking place inside the Barclays Center, home of Brooklyn Boxing and Showtime.

Wilder is willing to set aside other bouts for a chance to control his own destiny. Whether that will end up being a smart move for him is up in the air. Tuesday’s press conference will answer a lot of questions, even if more will be asked after.

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