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Long Island’s Chris Wade is ready to fight for more than a win at PFL 5

Before PFL 5, Chris Wade reflects on his last bout and what he needs to do differently in order to get the win

Chris Wade will be putting it all on the line at PFL 5 tonight (August 2) inside NYCB Live’s Nassau Coliseum. It is a place he is very familiar with. The Islip native has been to many events at The Coliseum, and when MMA was finally legalized in New York. he got his shot to fight in front of family and friends. Now, he has a chance to do that again, while also making an impact in the lightweight rankings of the PFL.

Wade (12-4) was able to speak at the Longo and Weidman MMA gym in Garden City during open workouts. The routine he has leading up to his fight against Yuki Kawana is a lot different compared to most bouts. One thing is convenience.

“I like to be in a normal rhythm. When we are fighting away, we are put up in a hotel. The only time you are leaving that space is to eat, go to the gym or just walk around the mall. You see the same 15 places each time you go there, and you are out of your element. When you are home you can go about your day; sleep in your own bed, eat your own food, workout in your own gym. Having my hometown fans cheer me on is a big edge.” 

In front of his family and friends at UFC on Fox 25, Wade defeated Frankie Perez. Under a different banner, Wade is looking to release some anger. In a lightweight division that doesn’t really have anyone truly leading the pack, a finish would truly help him cement his spot. As he stated, there is no wiggle room. The last fight before the playoffs start are extremely important.

To Wade, his fight against Kawana (14-2) is not just about a win. It is a chance for him to take out his frustrations after losing to Natan Schulte at PFL 2. Gassing out in the middle of the fight, Wade crushed himself mentally and physically in order to get his head back in the game.

“I was just so disgused with myself on how I gassed out halfway through the fight when Natan was putting so much pressure on me. I felt like I was fighting in a “Rocky” movie. You know how Rocky just comes forward and he gets his butt kicked for the first, maybe first three or four rounds? Every punch hits him in the face but he keeps plodding forward until he breaks the guy.

“I slept on the guy, and a move like that, you pay in this sport.”  

In regards to what Wade will be doing differently, its all about the cage game. Yuki loves to put fighters against the cage, take his opponents down and clip his shoulder against the body. For six weeks, Wade has been training on avoiding the pressure of the cage.

PFL 5 will not only have Wade on the card, but Schulte (12-3). The latter will be main eventing, and Wade hasn’t forgotten when he did to him. With a win, Wade would eye a rematch against Schulte.

“I have a feeling we’ll cross paths again. He’s a tough SOB. I have a lot of respect for him, but next time, we will literally punch a lot of holes in our game.”

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