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Manny Machado to meet with Yankees on Wednesday

Manny Machado is set to meet with the New York Yankees on Wednesday. Machado is making his rounds, also meeting with the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday.

According to sources, Machado “wants to play for the Yankees” and is willing to take a bit less money to play for the Bombers. With Didi Gregorius out of the picture until at least the All Star break, there is a spot for Machado.

The issue isn’t whether or not there’s room, the issue is if the Yankees want Machado at all. Obviously they’re interested or they wouldn’t have called the meeting, but are they willing to give Machado the money he wants?

Machado could be a dynamic piece of the World Series puzzle, or he could be a Jason Giambi sized black hole in the infield. Machado has trouble with hustling all the time (as many players do) and he’s a poor defensive shortstop. Paying $300M for yet another right handed overpaid bat isn’t the recipe for success, but he could also be exactly what the Yankees need.

What will the Yankees do? They’re in a position of power because the rumblings have been there for months that they are Machado’s number one destination. Unlike most teams, they can pick and choose who they want to bring on. Let’s see how this all plays out throughout the week.

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