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Manny Machado; Yankee or enemy?

So it looks like Manny Machado won’t be making his decision on his destination until after the new year.  That being said, everything went very well with the New York Yankees on Wednesday.  They spent about 40 minutes talking about logistics, then went out to dinner on the town.

There’s been speculation that New York has always been Machado’s preferred destination, but will the Yankees be willing to give him what he wants?  Negotiation is a two way street and even if Machado wants to be a Yankee, they may not want to give him the money or term he wants.

While Machado doesn’t fit perfectly in this lineup that’s very righty heavy, he still fills a void left by Didi Gregorius after undergoing Tommy John surgery.  Gregorius will be gone until AT LEAST August and he may not even be the same player when he comes back.

For all Machado’s shortcomings (the lack of hustle, poor defense, etc.) he is still a dynamic player and is just hitting his stride as a baseball player.  He was an unbelievable player with the Orioles, played well in the World Series with the Dodgers, and would be a welcome addition on any team.

Like most Yankee fans, we all worry that Machado will wind up resting on his laurels after his big contract and not play up to par.  At the same time, sometimes you just have to take a plunge to see exactly what kind of player Machado is.

The Yankees look to be OUT on Bryce Harper for now, but if they could land one of those two they’d be in very good shape.  They could always go after an alternative option in Freddy Galvis, or move Gleyber Torres to shortstop.  However, that’s just not the Yankee way and you know they’ll try to at least make a big splash this offseason.  It’s going to be a wild next few weeks, so buckle up Yankee fans.

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