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Mark Teixeira and the Yankees Fall to the BoSox

Hearts skipped a beat last night around New York as Mark Teixeira fell to the ground in pure anguish after being hit in the knee by Red Sox pitcher, Jon Lester’s, fierce cutter.

Teixeira, current superstar of the Yankees, let out an audible “ow” that even silenced Michael Kay up in the YES broadcasting booth.

After limping off the field with assistance from Joe Girardi and athletic trainer, Gene Monahan, the Yankees’ medical team went to work on the gold glover’s swollen injury while everyone in the dugout held their breath, praying that the X-ray would show no severe damage.  Mark has always been known to play through pain—remember his broken toe, anyone?—but anything involving the knee is always a touchy situation, as it could lead to long term problems for any player.

Thankfully, the X-ray confirmed only a bruise on the bone, and Girardi went on to list him as day-to-day, avoiding the DL altogether.

Jorge Posada jumped right into the game, pinch running for Tex and smacking three big hits to do him proud in his absence.

Freddy Garcia led the Yanks to a 6-4 loss to Lester’s Red Sox, allowing them to share the top spot of the AL East.  This loss, and Tex’s injury, just furthers the poor performance the Yanks have had against their main rival team this season.  Losing six of seven games to them so far, the Yankees are desperate to find their stride against this power-hitting team.

With two more games in this series in the Bronx, hopefully the Bombers can pull out some W’s before taking on the AL Central division leading Cleveland Indians.

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