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Mark Teixeira Not Worried, Should We Be?

Mark Teixeira has struggled at the plate so far. Normally he comes out of it, but that has not happened yet. Time to worry?

Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira has continued to struggled this season. Typically a slow starter that struggles through rough April’s, Teixeira usually gets it going by this point in the season.

As of this morning (June 8, 2010), Teixeira is batting just .210 this season, barely hanging above the Mendoza Line.

Teixiera continues to stay calm and focused while not getting concerned about his low average. The Yankees first baseman went as far as to say his past performances should say enough.

“I’ve been through plenty of ups and downs and the back of my baseball card says it all,” Teixeira said this past weekend in Toronto, where he struck out a career-high five times in one game against the Blue Jays. “I’m amazed sometimes when I look at it, because it’s not an easy game.”

The star first baseman has never hit for this low an average at this point in the season since his rookie year. After his bad April, Teixeira had a hot 16 game streak in May but has since fizzled.

Many times this season, Teixeira has come up in a big spot during games. Many times he has stepped to the plate with runners in scoring position and in the middle of a rally. Many times, Teixeira has killed that rally. Sometimes it’s a line drive that does not find a hole, sometimes a pop up, sometimes a strike out.

Teixeira has just a .363 slugging percentage so far this season while hitting eight homers and ten doubles so far.

The Yankees star first baseman may be able to stay calm, but what about the fans? Should we be concerned? Should Joe Girardi move Teixeira out of the three spot in the lineup?

I asked around to some Yankees fans to get their opinions on Mark Teixeira.

Brad Yardis: Yankees GM

“Tex will be fine!

A look at his numbers has him on pace for 23 homers and 97 RBI even though it feels like he’s been abysmal so far in 2010.

It’s been frustrating watching him struggle for this long, but a single hot streak will put him in line with career averages and can carry the Yanks for a month.”

Kim O’Connell: Yankees Chic Chat

“I’m starting to worry about him not hitting. I was hoping like last year that after april he would pick it up, but it doesn’t seem to be the case.”

Rob Snyder: Double G Sports Expert Panel Member

“Teixeira has always been a slow starter. He is coming around, and I think he will eventually be the Teixeira we are all hoping for. The impatient Yankees fans need to find patience.”

John Hack: Double G Sports Expert Panel Member

“He’s struggling.  It would be great to be able to sit him for a day or two, but right now that’s not possible due to our injury situation and roster composition.  He is a huge hole in the lineup.  A-Rod is starting to percolate, so hopefully Tex is next.  Look for a huge second half!”

Andrew Corselli: Yanks Go Yard

“‘Mark Teixeira continues to say he is not concerned or worried about his performance so far this season.'”
That makes one of us.

Basically, it seems the the majority of Yankees fans are thinking logically and being patient with Mark Teixeira. The guy is one of the better hitters in the league and historically starts slow. Yes, this season has been slower then most. Moving him from his normal three spot in the lineup is not an option in my mind. I don’t think that would help much at all. Keep him where he is.

Maybe giving him a day off here and there could get him a little rest and in return get his stroke going? It’s worth a shot right? I am confident Teixeira will get hot soon.

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