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Matt Harvey Current Battles

(Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)

(Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports)


Last night, Matt Harvey’s struggles continued for him on the hill against the Washington Nationals. He gave up five runs and three homers within five innings. Last night’s performance sent Harvey’s ERA up to a 6.08 which is the 2nd worst ERA in the National League.

While some Met fans may panic and are not looking forward to the next Harvey day, (which will most likely be Monday against the White Sox) others continue to support their struggling pitcher and hope the dark days are behind their Dark Knight.

Matt Harvey has done something that is frowned upon in New York, he has neglected to speak to reporters about his downward spiral. After his poor start on Tuesday, Matt refused to speak to reporters earning him titles like, “phony” and “diva” from some New York media outlets.

In any other city this might not be a major deal, but in New York the media is your frenemy. This is also a reason why many guys do not want to play in the big apple. The media in New York is aggressive and everyone wants a quick answer and resolution. If Harvey had those answers that the media craved, he would not be in the position he is currently in.

Who do we blame for the slippery slope Matt Harvey has traveled down? Some may say he was over worked last year after coming off of Tommy John surgery. He pitched 216 innings last year; something his agent Scott Boras did not want him to do. But with Harvey’s velocity at around 96 mph for the season it cannot be blamed on his previous injury.

The logical reasoning would have to be fatigue.

Although, legend Babe Ruth’s advice would be to play through it, logically it would be best to get creative and place Harvey on the DL for about two weeks and let him get his mental game back.

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