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Mets move Matt Harvey OUT of the starting rotation and into the bullpen

Once on top of the world as the King of New York, Matt Harvey has lost his spot in the rotation

The bat signal has temporarily shined its last light upon Gotham City. Mets manager Mickey Callaway announced today that Matt Harvey has been removed from the starting rotation and straight into the bullpen.

A returning Jason Vargas will be taking his spot, and Harvey will be available for relief on Tuesday.

It appears this was a long time coming. Injuries have derailed the progress of the former flamethrower for the Mets. The one-time All-Star came into this season with questions surrounding his ability to help the team. Harvey’s move is coming days after he gave up six runs on seven hits this past Thursday against the Braves. He is 0-2 with a 6.00 ERA to start the season. It also does not help that his velocity is dramatically down from previous years.


Speaking about the move, Callaway stated that Harvey was “pissed off” and “motivated” to show he belongs in the rotation. Harvey went on to say after the Callaway announcement that he must get his act together. Those are the exact words one of the most desired pitchers a few years ago should be saying, for his own good. There is a chance he can come back, if he shows signs of improvement.


A bullpen run will be interesting considering the workload the other members of the team have been providing. Having a long man in the bullpen to compliment Robert Gsellman and Seth Lugo will be good for competition and rest.

What will the future hold for Matt Harvey now that he has been cut off from the pack? If he is serious about proving to the team he is as valuable as can be, there may be hope for the impending free agent yet. Whether its mechanical, mental or anywhere between, Harvey himself (with some guidance of course) must look to fix whatever it is.

Per his own words, when he is on, Matt Harvey has proven to be one of the best baseball has to offer. It is not that far off of a statement. His journey to reach that point once again has been altered, for what appears to be for the better. This is a big test for Harvey, one that you can be sure he is determined to pass.

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