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Mets pulled out the rug from under Yanks with Stroman deal

The Yankees still have time to complete a late Trade Deadline deal, but their cross-town rivals pulled the rug out from under them by dealing for Marcus Stroman.  The Yankees almost looked to be a shoo-in destination at one point for the diminutive star, but the Mets pulled off a deal that surprised just about everyone.

The Mets sent lefthander Anthony Kay and Single-A pitcher Simeon Woods Richardson in exchange for Stroman.  The debate has raged for days on which team got “fleeced” in this deal, with many people on both sides of the fence.  Either way, it wasn’t that hefty of a price tag for someone that could become a top-end starter.

Marcus Stroman isn’t Justin Verlander but he was also at the top of many team’s radars.  There hasn’t been much reasoning as to why a team six games under .500 traded for Stroman, but nonetheless, the Mets still have him for at least the next two seasons.  Was the trade intentionally made to spite the Yankees as well?  Probably not, because it would be problematic for the Mets to always have the Yankees on their mind.  However, it definitely doesn’t hurt that the Mets took away the Yankees’ top trade target.

What hurts the most if you’re a Yankees fan is the fact that Marcus Stroman was built for New York.  Unlike other pitchers who can’t fully handle the pressure of the concrete jungle (James Paxton, Sonny Gray, Kevin Brown, etc.), Marcus Stroman thrives in this kind of environment.  He is a Long Island native, grew up a Mets? fan (that can be debated) and knows all the eyes that will be on him going forward.

It was a good haul for the Mets regardless of their reasoning, but for the Yankees it leaves them in a very precarious situation.  They missed out on their top trade target AND he wound up going to their cross-town rivals in the Mets.  It’s been a bad week or so for the Yankees.  Can they salvage the trade deadline with a move of their own?


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