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Mets strikeout specialist: Hisanori Ta"K"ahashi

Takahashi has been a bit of a strikeout machine for the Mets so far this season.

If the Mets need a big strikeout out of the bullpen, Hisanori Takahashi may just be the guy that gets the call. Despite giving up at least one run in his past three appearances, Takahashi seems to be a guy the Mets call on to eat up some innings out of the pen.

He leads all MLB relievers in strikeouts with 21. Thats 21 strikeouts in just 14.1 innings pitched. His last two appearances have especially added to his total.

Last Friday against the Atlanta Braves, Takahashi pitched three innings in relief and despite giving up a run he struck out seven batters. Yesterday while pitching against the Dodgers, he gave up one run in 3.1 innings of work while striking out five batters.

He has been particularly strong against left handed batters. In 16 at bats against Takahashi, lefthanded hitters are batting just .188 and have struck out 10 times.  Right handed batters are batting just .229 against him and have struck out 11 times in 35 at bats.

His current season stats stand at 2-1 with a 3.77 ERA. The ERA is a little high due to one outing in which he game up three runs in two innings of work against the Chicago Cubs. Takahashi has pitched 14.1 innings, struck out 21 batters while giving up just 11 hits.

So, Hisanori Takahashi seems to be a guy that can do it all out of the pen. He can eat up some innings, he can come get a tough lefty out, and he can also come in and give the team a big strikeout.

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