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Does Michael Beasley have a future with Knicks?

Michael Beasley was the No. 2 selection in the NBA Draft but you could say that this in some way managed to work against him. The tag of being the No. 2 selection and the hype surrounding it, saw Beasley fail to live up to expectations and his career started to go south. While it all looked doom and gloom, Beasley did get a chance to revive his career with the New York Knicks due to Kristaps Porzingis tearing knee ligaments, but will his displays be enough to see him return to the Knicks for the 2018/19 campaign?

Michael Beasley made his name in basketball for one reason and one reason only, his ability to score. It’s the standout tool in his arsenal and he’s already shown what he’s about at the NY Knicks. Beasley excels when he’s isolated with ball in hand, and he’s helped develop this type of offense into the Knicks’ game superbly so far.

So far this year Beasley has 3 games where he has scored 30 or more points and 11 games where he has hit 20 and above. It’s a solid offense contribution that sees him averaging 12.6 points every 21 minutes per game. It’s also a great return for a player who makes just over $2.1 million too.

The NY Knicks for many people is the team to be at if they want to make it and prior to the 2017/18 campaign, Beasley was far from doing that. His career looked to be passing him by but after joining the Knicks he was instantly put back into the spotlight. However, he didn’t falter this time and got back to doing what he does best, pulling off isolation moves only he would and scoring.

According to many popular sporting sites and even the likes of the home of online betting: have all argued that Beasley’s career since making his debut in the league back in 2008 has been very up and down. He’s enjoyed extreme highs, such as when he was drafted as No. 2 but he’s also endured real lows too, such as being called a bust. He was flailing around for a long time, going from organization to organization, never knowing what the future was going to bring.

He’s back with a bang now though, and has proven that he’s still got the ability and commitment to play in the league. After enduring such a rollercoaster ride throughout his career, it also makes him the ideal person to help guide youngsters such as Frank Ntilikina  and Emanuel Mudiay on the right path by encouraging them to keep working hard and that if they do suffer any lows, that they can get through them and come back stronger than ever.

Beasley has shown that he’s committed to working hard and the New York Knicks are fully aware of that and they know all about the journey he has been on too. Beasley is ready for the 2018/19 season but the question is whether the NY Knicks will bring him back. If they do, they know he will regularly be hitting 20+ points per game and the fans won’t complain about that.

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