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Mick Foley Wrestlemania Axxess Stone Cold Podcast Interview



Thursday, March 31, officially marked the Wrestlemania weekend. WWE fan Axxces hit the town of Dallas, Texas and brought the many treats that comes along with with purchasing that golden ticket. Luckily for us fans who have a subscription to WWE Network we were able to enjoy the sight of Stone Cold being in the squared circle again.

Well, not in the way that many fans would want. With a table and two chairs planted firmly in the middle of the ring, a podcast was underway. Stone Cold put on his hosting cap and introduced the Hardcore Legend Mick Foley as his special guest.

The Podcast started off with witty banter between the two Hall of Famers trying to see who could get the best pop from the crowd, by shouting out the town that they were in. Stone Cold dove into the career of Mick by asking how someone as mild mannered as him would want to have a hardcore style in the business.

Mick stated that he knew early on, that he would have to set himself apart with a unique look and style, because he didn’t have the quintessential wrestlers body. So he had to get use to a life of enduring an enormous amount of pain.

Mick also had to spend a great deal of time in his character in the early years of his career to really make it believable. The dark,sinister character of Cactus Jack took his wife through a lot of tough phone calls including an infamous call from Germany that went something like this… “Hey honey, I’ve got some good news and bad news, the good news is that I’m coming home early, the bad news is that one of my ears won’t be coming with me.”

Over the years we’ve seen the love that Mick has for his family and apparently WWE wants to capitalize on that. It was announced on the podcast, that Mick Foley and his daughter (who appeared on the podcast as well), Noelle Foley, will be filming a show for WWE Network in two weeks. The show will premiere in August. Noelle also revealed that she is currently training to be a wrestler and has hopes to become a Diva in the near future. Mick has given his blessing, so let’s see what comes out of that.

Before the podcast concluded, Mick wanted to talk about Dean Ambrose. He described the goosebumps that he got cutting a promo with him a few weeks ago on Raw. Mick wanted his words to be said on the fly and not so heavily scripted. Both Dean and Foley were happy with the results.

The women’s title match was also brought up. Mick thinks that the women are finally getting the proper platform that they deserve at Wrestlemania and the match will be must see TV. I couldn’t agree more.

To end the podcast, Stone Cold gave us his signature Hell Yeah and Mick described this years Wrestlemania as bigger and better. I enjoyed the podcast and it’s nice to see Mick Foley in great shape and in a happy place in life. Keep coming with the great interviews Stone Cold!

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