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Mick Foley’s Son to be the New Assistant Writer for WWE

I recently discussed Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy’s frustration with today’s WWE product. A fresh start may be made as his son Dewey was recently hired to be a writer’s assistant for the company. The Hardcore Legend’s son had the following to say from his twitter account:


Congratulations to Dewey on fulfilling a dream. Knowing that his father is a top-selling author and a creative genius in the wrestling industry, it is great to see family genes continue to shine. There are those who have doubts on how legitimate the hiring was. After all, thousands of people apply to positions with WWE (myself included) and don’t receive answers. Some assume that it was based off of family bias due to his last name. Dewey decided to validate his hiring as legitimate in a few short and sweet tweets:




Some may still not agree, but it is a decision that was made. His father went on Facebook to make a few points about the hiring. It may be lengthy, but it is very heartwarming from the words of a proud father, and a part of the company product.


For the short version, Mick explains, “My son was not given this job because of his last name. He earned it. He earned it by working for hundreds of hours in solitude, with no compensation, to prove his writing skills and mind for the business. There are no piece-of-cake jobs in WWE.” Coming from former employees like Jonathon Coachman and others, you must earn your keep in the business. Mick has faith in his son, and while he himself is critical of WWE’s product, it would not stop his opinions just because his son has a working pass there now.

It would be very interesting to see how much say Dewey will have, and if in time he will progress further within the company. There have been several reports, mostly by The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer that the young Foley will be working over pre-written scripts with the talent, both male and female. With the position starting in January, Dewey has time to prepare before he officially works for the company his father spent years with. After that, it’s up to him to leave his own lasting legacy.

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