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Miguel Andujar: The Yankees’ Extra Base Hit Machine

After working hard in last year’s offseason, Miguel Andujar’s main goal was to become a starter for the New York Yankees. Little did he and the rest of the team know, that was just the beginning.

With 32 extra base hits so far this season, Miguel Andujar leads all MLB rookies in XBH, and is the second ranked Yankee behind Aaron Judge. After his first 19 games, Andujar firmly set his record-breaking pace with 14 extra base hits. According to Jeff Quagliata, a YES network researcher, Joe DiMaggio is the only other Yankee to have more extra base hits after 19 games, with 16 XBH.

As his standout season continues, Andujar is on his way to breaking the rookie record for doubles in one season, as the American League record is 47.

Not only is Andujar turning heads for his extra base hits, but he could be considered as the team’s saving grace as he takes his position at third base.

Since Alex Rodriguez left the team in 2016, the Yankees have not had a third baseman of much talent. With a combination of utility players that were going to be used as band aids until the team found a player to fill the spot, it seemed like this year’s defense would be no different.

Although Andujar’s defense has been a bit inconsistent, he has shocked Yankees fans with his talent in his rookie season. With 39 putouts and 69 assists, Andujar is filling the void the Yankees used to have at third base.

As Miguel Andujar’s career is just getting started, the Yankees and their fans have much to look forward to. As he works to improve his defense and continue to hit extra base hits throughout the season, Andujar has the ability to save himself a spot in the MLB record books.

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