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Miles Austin to Philly: What Does That Mean?

Ever since Jeremy Maclin bolted, Chip Kelly was searching for a project type of player.

Miles Austin (Aaron Doster/USA Today)

Miles Austin (Aaron Doster/USA Today)


Chip Kelly felt a move like this was necessary, but was it honestly?

This acquisition was one of the more puzzling moves in an offseason that has been utterly perplexing to say the least. Now, Philadelphia got rid of a wide receiver in Jeremy Maclin who was an integral part of this offense, and he jettisoned to the money in Kansas City.

Ever since Maclin bolted, Chip Kelly was searching for a project type of player, someone who he felt could produce to the same level as Maclin, but at half the price. Kelly has again found a player who has a questionable injury history which makes me and fellow Eagles fans scratch our heads once again, and we keep on asking ourselves, “What is Chip trying to do?”

So Kelly goes and signs New Jersey native Miles Austin, who for the most part, has been a player who cannot stay on the field. Kidney problems caused Austin to miss a significant amount of time last season, and hamstring issues have been recurrent also, as Austin missed crucial time when he was with the Dallas Cowboys. Some believe Austin’s best days, for example in 2009 when he pulled down 81 catches for 1,320 yards in 16 games are long gone.

Furthermore, Chip Kelly has said that there are plenty of intriguing wide receivers available in this year’s draft, but wanted to sign 6-foot-3, 215 pound Miles Austin as depth to a receiving core of Riley Cooper, Jordan Matthews, and Josh Huff.

How will it work? It’s going to work because Chip Kelly’s offense brings the best out of players who aren’t seen as the cream of the crop right? Only time will tell.

All off-season fans have been in anticipation of Kelly improving the defense immensely (which he has done for the most part), and pretty much just get younger at some positions on offense. The exact opposite has happened in my opinion and Eagles fans have a right to be angry if it doesn’t work.

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