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Mistakes Crush Jets As They Fall to Philadelphia

(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)

(Photo by Alex Goodlett/Getty Images)


The New York Jets suffered their first loss of the season as they fell to the Philadelphia Eagles by a score of 24-17.

The game seemed a lot worse than the score since the Jets were trailing 24-0 at one point. They just could not seem to get out of their own way. The Jets committed four turnovers in Sunday’s loss, three of them being interceptions, and some of them came in the worst ways. First of all, the fumble that Brandon Marshall gave up was probably one of the worst bone-head plays I’ve ever seen. It was simply inexcusable as it came in a possession where the Jets were looking to build some momentum.

As for the three interceptions, I’ll let Ryan Fitzpatrick off the hook for one of them as Marshall dropped a pass on the sideline that he should have caught. The worst part about the turnovers was that they came late in the fourth quarter when the Jets were trying to mount a comeback. They were momentum killers.

One of the big reasons as to why the Jets beat the Colts last week was because they forced a lot of turnovers and did not turn the ball over themselves. If the Jets want to make a serious playoff push this year, they absolutely have to take care of the football, especially late in games.

Other than the turnovers, not having Eric Decker and Chris Ivory put the Jets at a huge disadvantage. Chris Ivory suited up but he did not play. Because Ivory did not play, the Jets had a really tough time setting the pace on offense because they usually rely on him to establish the running game. They were forced to rely on Bilal Powell as a result, which is something that they are not use to doing. He finished with just 31 rushing yards.

Also not having Eric Decker really hurt the passing game because Brandon Marshall was the main target. When Ryan Fitzpatrick has two good wide receivers out there between Marshall and Decker, he has the capability of being good enough. But when one is missing, it becomes difficult for him to succeed. People say that some receivers make quarterbacks look good, which is the case for Marshall and Decker for Fitzpatrick. But since one was missing, we saw a decline in Fitzpatrick’s performance from previous weeks.

When it’s all said and done, the Jets played two good teams in the past two weeks and they went 1-1, which is not bad at all. And the Jets have a very favorable schedule for their next five games which include the Dolphins (in London), Redskins at home, Patriots on the road, Raiders on the road, and Jaguars at home. I would expect the Jets to go 4-1 in that stretch with the one loss coming to New England. So was the loss to the Eagles ugly? Yes. But the season is far from over and I think the Jets are going to start racking up some wins in the next five games thanks to the easy schedule.

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