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Monday Morning Michelle: Recap of Weekend in Sports

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This past weekend was filled with lots of thrilling trends in sports. From ‘Tiger’ to ‘Rory’ and ‘Jordan’ in between, people everywhere were talking about ‘The Masters’ . . . Would Tiger come back? He was at least making it interesting, and it seemed as though the world was rooting for him to be putting on the green. The odds of Tiger winning it all were 100-1 at the beginning of the tournament, but the odds of him making the tournament interesting got more and more favorable as the tournament unfolded.  In the end it would be Jordan Spieth who would be adorned in green, after making history at Augusta.

Other trends to hit the ‘Twitter Sphere’ this weekend included another tournament, that being the NCAA Frozen Four. It was heartbreaking for those who are ‘Proud to BU’ watch their team go down, as the Providence Friars won their first NCAA title in a game that left both players and fans speechless. The Terriers were on their way to winning, but in a matter of seconds things changed. According to a report posted on Saturday by USA Today Sports written by Avery Stone, it was possibly a matter of luck that boosted the Friars to the title. Terrier fans, of which I’m one, were stunned. Friar’s fans were elated. Twitter was lit up, and streams showing Boston University’s goalie fumbling the puck were getting lots of attention. Pretty sure the first to tweet the replay of the lost puck was from @Deadspin. The stream showed how BU’s goalie, Matt O’Connor appeared to be unsure of where the puck was after he had gotten it caught in his glove. Moments later the puck fell from his glove, inside BU’s own goal line.  That caused the Terriers to lose the lead, and eventually the Friars would go on to win 4-3.  Congratulatory tweets from Boston University fans went out to the team on an outstanding season, and to the Friars for winning the championship.

In other sports news, Zach Levine scored 37 points on Saturday, which caused his name to be trending for quite some time. This was a career high for Zach. The points he put up against Golden State were not enough to have Minnesota win, as the Timberwolves lost the match up 110-101. Zach Levine is no stranger to the Twitter trends, as he was trending earlier in the season due to his outstanding performance in this year’s NBA Dunk Contest.

Lastly, and perhaps most important, the young lady who gave so much to the game of basketball passed away. Lauren Hill, whose motto was to ‘Never give up’ lost her battle to a deadly brain cancer. She fought long and hard, and she gave all she had to give. Lauren raised over a million dollars to help fund cancer research.  Lauren made history earlier this year, when her desire to play a college basketball game, made national attention.  The NCAA granted her wish, after learning about her desire to play the game and her diagnosis with a deadly terminal cancer.

Thinking about to the fumbled puck, Tiger’s struggles, and BU’s loss to the Friars pale in comparison when compared to all Lauren lost.  Her young life was cut short due to a terrible disease.  What would Lauren likely say to Matt O’Connor, about his dropped puck?  It’s a game, and for some life goes one.  Earlier this year Lauren was quoted as saying, “I’ve learned that life is really special.” …. The Terriers lost a tournament, Tiger was unable to make a stellar come back, but for Lauren Hill she paid the ultimate price this past weekend.  She lost more than a game, she lost her life.   Through all she went through though she she never gave up. She wanted to be remembered as a hero, and not quitter. No doubt, she will be remembered as a hero, and so much more.

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Michelle has been a sports writer and analyst for many years. Now, as host of Neutral Court, sponsored by In The Zone, Michelle brings a new sports topic to the debate floor with each episode.
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