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NBA 2K20 to take a huge step forward by including WNBA players

NBA 2k came out with a huge announcement in the form of a trailer last week. Displaying a gameplay sneak peak, the game manufacturers revealed that this edition will include all 12 WNBA teams. Now, in addition to LeBron James and Giannis Antetokounmpo, fans can play with Candace Parker, A’ja Wilson, Breanna Stewart, and a slew of other WNBA players. It’s obvious that this is a huge step for representation, but it’s also good for basketball as a whole. Of course, not everyone agreed and the announcement was met by a wave of sexism. Yet, here’s why all of those negative comments are ridiculous and why all basketball fans should be excited.

The Game is Constantly Evolving

The game of basketball has come a long way. Gone are the days where players simply are throwing a ball into a peach crate. Basketball has evolved and become a far more inclusive game. Growing right along with it has been NBA 2K, which has transformed itself into the premier basketball video game experience. Drawing in fans nationally and internationally, 2K has become known for elevating its gameplay features year after year. However, the developers were slow to include WNBA players in the game. NBA Live beat 2K as the first ones to make the move back with NBA Live ’18 in 2017. However, NBA live hasn’t garnished the same following as 2k in recent years. Thus, this news marks a huge step in the right direction for 2K and women representation in basketball. Now, a whole other flood of potential women gamers may join the phenomenon and elevate the game even further.

Women Representation Matters

It’s no secret that women have been under represented in the game of basketball. With most viewership and sponsorship centered on the NBA, WNBA players have been on the outskirts of the limelight for years. Now with 2K making this huge move, women basketball players will get the attention they have always rightfully deserved. The videogame spotlight, which has seemingly neglected the WNBA, has finally been shined on that league. Its not clear if this new feature is here to stay, but either way, fans should be excited. Yet, the reveal was met by sharp sexism.

The Undue Criticism is Sexist

Social media was flooded with negative feedback from less enthusiastic gamers. Those who may have thought this was unnecessary didn’t hold back from sharing their erroneous opinions. Yet, the fact of the matter is that none of them know what they are talking about. It’s true, basketball was once a sport that only men played. However, times have changed. The WNBA has hosted elite level players since its inception. Today, it is brimming with talent and is looking to expand. It only makes sense that the biggest basketball video game franchise in the world finally includes women.

This is the right step

Women have been crucial in expanding basketball to the next generation and abroad. It’s only fair that they get the recognition they deserve and this is one of the first steps towards that. Women have helped make basketball a more dynamic and fun game. It’s not an exaggeration to say that they will be a part of its continuous growth for years to come. With any luck, this will be a normal aspect of the video game going forward.

In Conclusion

The negativity that this revelation was met with can be summed up in one word: ignorance. Basketball is an inclusive sport, which women have played a part in growing for a very long time. There is no doubt that 2K made the right move with this announcement. This is news that fans can and should get behind. Expanding and elevating is literally what basketball is all about. Thus, the developers made the right call here and true fans of the sport should combat this negativity by embracing the game and its new WNBA additions.


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