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Nets Owner Stands Up. Is It Too Late?

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov apparently had enough of the Carmelo Anthony trade talks. The owner cancelled a meeting with Anthony in Denver and told the organization to not longer pursue a trade.

New Jersey Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov had enough of the Carmelo Anthony trade talks. Last night, the Russian owner called off all talks.

Prokhorov flew in yesterday and talked with reporters before last nights game against the Utah Jazz. He made it clear that he was unhappy with the way trade talks had been going and stood up for his team.

Good, right? Well, yes and no. It’s nice to see the owner stand up for his organization and not let them get flung around the way Denver was trying to do. It shows the rest of the NBA that the New Jersey Nets are not going to be a push over.

Prokhorov realizes the constant trade talks have taken a toll on the players.

It may become a case of timing and Prokhorov may be late. You have to think the Nets players are upset, frustrated, and even angry with the trade talks. Just about every player on the team was mentioned at some point in trade talks for Anthony.

One player, forward Troy Murphy, has already asked to be traded. According to general manager Billy King, that request will be granted and Murphy was told to stay home and await a trade.

Point guard Devin Harris may be a player that management needs to reconcile with. Harris has been a class act since arriving in New Jersey. He is a player that has always played hard and contributed to this organization. When you are a good player however, your name will pop up in trade talks.

Harris has been mentioned a lot. That has to take a toll on a man.

King and the rest of the front office need to make sure they speak with Harris and other players to let them know they do still have faith in them. This is a fragile team right now. One that has uncertainty surrounding them daily.

Sure, the notion by Prokhorov was nice and shows he is proud of his organization, but is it too late? Will the players respond? Or have they had enough?


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