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Nets Primary Beats Out Secondary Market For Nets Matchup With Clippers

The Brooklyn Nets aren’t playing like a team that is going to make a run for a spot in the Eastern Conference playoffs, as they are only above the Philadelphia 76ers in the standings. With the team struggling, it should give NBA fans multiple opportunities to see some of the top teams around the league for a cheaper ticket price compared to past seasons.

For their remaining games in December, the Nets play some of the best talent from each conference. With secondary market information provided by, below are the Nets top-five most expensive games remaining ranked by average ticket price.

12/26/2015 | Brooklyn Nets vs. Washington Wizards | Barclays Center | Average Price: $215.95 | Get-in Price: $36 | Barclays Center Parking: $7

12/12/2015 | Brooklyn Nets vs. Los Angeles Clippers | Barclays Center | Average Price: $187.35 | Get-in Price: $26 | Barclays Center Parking: $7

12/28/2015 | Miami Heat vs. Brooklyn Nets | American Airlines Arena | Average Price: $184.29 | Get-in Price: $39 | American Airlines Arena Parking: $11

12/21/2015 | Chicago Bulls vs. Brooklyn Nets | United Center | Average Price: $175.28 | Get-in Price: $38 | United Center Parking: $18

12/23/2015 | Brooklyn Nets vs. Dallas Mavericks | Barclays Center | Average Price: $158.75 | Get-in Price: $25 | Barclays Center Parking: $7

In addition to already playing the Golden State Warriors and New York Knicks, the Nets face three playoff contending Eastern Conference opponents when going against the Washington Wizards, Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls. The most expensive of the games is against the Wizards on the day after Christmas with an average ticket price of $215.95 with a get-in price of $36.

Two Western Conference opponents are in the top-five games remaining in December when the Nets host both the Los Angeles Clippers and the Dallas Mavericks. Between the two games, the Clippers are garnering a higher average ticket price of $187.35 compared to the $158.75 average ticket price against the Mavericks.

For the most recent game against the Clippers, Nets tickets through their primary handler TicketMaster are available starting from $25. Going through the primary market winds up being better a better deal in many sections. For example, the secondary market has Section 203, Row 3 seats for $59 each with the primary option starting from $50. In Section 221, Row 11 secondary market tickets are going from $74, compared to $66 on the Nets primary website.

Fans may initially believe that the most economical option to see a high profile team like the Clippers is through secondary channels, but making a purchase directly through the team can be the most beneficial.

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