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Nets Win 7th Straight! Is It Time To Talk Playoffs?

Wow are these Nets fun to watch. The Brooklyn Nets have won seven straight and have beaten quality competition during this streak.

Wednesday night, the Nets beat the tanking Chicago Bulls but did the game start off with a bang. Jarret Allen smashed home a dunk a day after blocking Lebron. That block had sports media talking about the Nets. Yes the Brooklyn Nets that have been the joke of the league for the past few years. Now they’re a team that could be looking at playoffs at maybe even winning in the playoffs.

Not enough can be said at the job that Sean Marks and Kenny Attkinson have done with this team the last few years. They have rebuilt a joke of a team into a respectable gritty team and I love every second of it. I haven’t always been optimistic about this Nets team especially since the Levert injury but I believe now.

Right after the Nets lost to the Thunder after blowing a 20-point lead in the second half I tweeted, #roadtoZion. I was ready to tank and was looking forward to having either Zion or RJ Barret on the Nets. They must’ve saw because they have turned on the switch by beating the Raptors, Knicks, Sixers, Wizards, Hawks, Lakers, and Bulls. Four out of the seven teams are quality opponents.

The main reason for their success is the play of their point guard DLo and Spence Dinwiddie. Both have played great during the win streak and I hope the Nets lock up Russell and make this backcourt stay for a while.

As of right now, the Nets are a game out of the 8th seed and I am saying now that not only do they make the playoffs but they are competitive in the playoffs. It’s a great time to be a Nets fan and I haven’t said that in forever.

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