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The Force Awakens at the Jersey Shore: Offshore Powerboat Racing Association Kicks Off 2015 Season

If you happened to be down at the Jersey Shore this past weekend, you were in for a special treat because the Offshore Powerboat Association, launched it’s 2015 season.  The boats arrived on Friday and went through inspections over at Race Village [ Stewart’s parking lot, along Route 35, South Seaside Heights ].  Later that evening the boats were on display on the boardwalk in Seaside Heights.

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DoubleGSports was on hand to take in the festivities and support all those who participated in the race, as well as, support the fans who showed up to help bring back faith to business, after the devastating hurricane in 2012 that happened at the Jersey Shore.   Our team was rooting for Hurricane Force, manned by Joe Wnek and Tim Vanderburg.  Although Hurricane Force did not come in first, they put in a stellar effort, and road in honor of fallen officers, and in tribute to those who serve.

The New Jersey Offshore Powerboat Racing Association has been the host club since racing started in Point Pleasant Beach more than 40 years ago.  There is incredible history to OPA Racing, and details about the sport, can be found over at .

As a newcomer to covering this sport, it was quite obvious there was lots for me to learn.  Who’s behind the wheel, and whose handling the throttle?  Those are just some of the questions a reporter needs to be mindful of while covering this sort of event.  In addition, there are different classes and depending upon the class, there are certain rules and regulations.

Checking out the boats on display, can be lots of fun.  Even if you’re are not an avid boater, it’s fun to check out the snazzy designs, and look at the names of the boats.  Some of the boats on display, that participated in the race, included Strictly Business, Knot Guilty, along with the winning boat, Aquaholic.  

The next race takes place in Lake Ozark, Missouri and then it’s back to New Jersey, for the Atlantic City Grand Prix, June 19-21. If you’ve got time, it might be fun to head down to AC, and check out the Offshore Powerboat Association race.  It’s going to be fun, and we’ll be cheering for Hurricane Force, all summer long.

If you want to check out some of the great boats you can check out Offshore Powerboat Racing’s aforementioned site and /or follow on Twitter @OPA_Racing.  Also, be sure to follow @HurricaneForce1, and give them a shoutout! ]


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