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New York City FC preparing differently under new head coach Ronny Deila

New York City FC is at work. The preseason of the Blues in Santa Barbara continues. As is the case with any MLS club, there is a lot of work ahead for New York City FC as they prepare for the start of the season.

A lot of work is put in every day by the players who, in addition to good physical condition, must make a greater effort to understand all the concepts and ideas of the new coach Ronny Deila. In fact, with the arrival of Deila in New York, the team’s working method has profoundly changed compared to what it was with Domenec Torrent.

The Domenec Torrent method

In fact, with the spanish coach, New York City FC worked much more with the ball during training. Each training session was based on ball possession, on technical improvement. Soon after, Torrent moved on to the tactical phase and the schemes. Torrent tried to apply his ideas to the team, always based on Pep Guardiola’s working method, technique and ball possession.

The Ronny Deila method

Different, however, as far as we have been able to see, the work of Ronny Deila. His workouts are much more physical and tactical. He takes care of all the details, but the physical condition is the basis of the training. Then, the team works on tactics and with the ball. The new coach wants to convey new game ideas based on strength and tactics.

Whatever the working method, which may not please everyone, the team is following Deila’s instructions and the goal is to be ready for the imminent start of the season.

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