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New York City FC, the market does not take off and the worry increases

No news arrives from New York City FC. Total silence on the market movements, a situation that clearly makes the Blues fans worry. Because New York, at this moment, has to deal with a team that without other new arrivals, seriously risks being among the non-favorite teams heading into next season.

After coming close to the final last season, New York City FC could not even get to the playoffs. A situation that clearly does not appeal to fans who are currently experiencing moments of discouragement and fear. Great reinforcements did not arrive as everyone expected, and we don’t know if it ever will come.  A market, with how little the team has done, that sinks the chances of the team with each passing day. Because in all this, the other teams are not watching and are moving well in the market.

New York City FC is in absolute need of reinforcement, otherwise the Torrent team is likely to spend a season of total suffering, and another season out of the playoffs.

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