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NFL Draft: What Will the Eagles do April 30th?

Chip Kelly is someone who does not like to take a conventional approach.



Eagles’ fans have the luxury of knowing that this team may or may not fulfill what it is that needs to be done to make this team a perennial contender for years to come. All along the idea was the Eagles are going mortgage off their future by trading everything to move up and select Marcus Mariota. That move proved to be mere aberration with the addition of Sam Bradford, and now this organization can go about this in a different way.

The integral focus could possibly be bolstering an already revamped defense, but we all know Chip Kelly is not someone who operates in conventional thinking. Multiple reports have been rising saying that, Kelly isn’t content with the players he has, and with this draft being one where that position is deep we may see one selected with their 1st pick in this draft. Some suspect that he may aggressively try to trade up in this draft to get a stout receiver, and some expect him possibly to trade out of the 1st round altogether, and get a wide receiver in the 2nd round.

Another possibility is to get that safety this organization needs to get its defense assembled, and ready for what’s ahead. Landon Collins is the guy everyone has the Eagles taking but I don’t think Kelly is too intrigued with Collins. The problem is that there is concern about Landon’s ability in pass coverage, and Kelly wants someone who has size, which Collins has at 6’0, and the ability to cover the backside of the defense on an island at times.

The single high safety concept is what I call it, so if Collins doesn’t fit the mold, and wide receiver isn’t the way to go what is it exactly Kelly wants for this team. One could take the easy way out and say no one knows, and just throw everything out of the window in utter disgust. Just know that this organization, and most importantly Kelly will definitely pick the best player available for most of this draft. The O-line needs depth which if the best player available happens to be an offensive lineman Chip Kelly will pull the trigger.

Fans need to know that Chip Kelly is someone who does not like conventional, any opportunity to help the team succeed that he feels comfortable with he’ll make it happen.

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