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NFL Weekly Power Rankings: Week 11

Giants jump into Top 10.

The more games that have been played this season, the less I feel I know about football. There’s just so much parody in the NFL these days and it has been harder and harder to predict the outcome of games each week. Anything can and will happen and the saying “Any given Sunday” has never been more accurate. As we get further into the season, teams will reveal themselves as either true contenders or frauds. I’ll do my best to rank them. Here we go.

1. Dallas Cowboys 8-1 (last week’s ranking: 2) – We finally have a new #1 team in the rankings. The Cowboys have certainly earned it. They’re current eight game winning streak has been incredibly impressive. Their run game is so incredibly dominant; there probably isn’t a team in the NFL that can stop them. Dak Prescott has played well enough that Jerry Jones has decided to stick with him as their quarterback even though Tony Romo is now healthy. That’s certainly saying something, since Romo has been a top ten quarterback over the last several years. While the Cowboys don’t have the best defense, their offense’s ability to consistently sustain drives has kept the defense off the field more than any other defense. I’m very surprised that the Cowboys have played this well, but there’s no doubting them right now. Next week’s matchup against the Ravens looks easy on paper, but the Ravens do allow the least rushing yards per game, so it’ll be a good matchup.

2. New England Patriots 7-2 (last week’s ranking: 1) – For the first time this season, the Patriots looked vulnerable. Tom Brady actually is human, believe it or not. In his first four games, Brady threw 12 touchdowns and no interceptions, but on Sunday night, he didn’t throw a single touchdown and he threw his first pick of the season. While he was still very efficient, the Seahawks’ constant pressure clearly held him in check. The Patriots also haven’t had much of a run game in recent weeks and their defense is looking rather leaky. They traded away Jamie Collins and hurt them in their first game without him. Their secondary couldn’t hold up in coverage and they couldn’t muster much of a pass rush, allowing Russell Wilson to torch them repeatedly. New England still looks really good and a close loss to Seattle is nothing to be ashamed of. I certainly wouldn’t count on them losing two in a row, as they face the 49ers next week.

3. Seattle Seahawks 6-2-1 (last week’s ranking: 4) – This was just the game the Seahawks needed. Playing against the red hot Patriots on their field is not easy at all and the Seahawks really handled them. Holding Tom Brady and the Patriots’ offense to just 24 points is very impressive and it’s something that the Seahawks defense was always capable of. Their defense is still among the league’s best. Offensively, the Seahawks have really turned it up in the last couple weeks. Russell Wilson has been on fire and he looks a lot more like himself, as he was dealing with a knee injury earlier in the year. While the pass protection and run game isn’t where the Seahawks want it to be, Wilson’s play has been enough to carry them offensively. As long as their defense remains elite, this team is a Superbowl contender, no doubt. They host the Eagles next week.

4. Oakland Raiders 7-2 (last week’s ranking: 3) – Despite being on bye this week, the Raiders move down a spot. I feel bad because it isn’t their fault. The Seahawks’ win over the Pats was just too impressive for me to not move them up. The Raiders’ next game is a Monday night matchup with the Texans.

5. Kansas City Chiefs 7-2 (last week’s ranking: 7) – The Chiefs just do not go away. Trailing 17-0 in the second quarter, on the road, against a still tough Panthers team and the Chiefs did not give up. They fought back in the second half. Eric Berry’s pick-six cut the lead to three and Cairo Santos hit a field goal to tie the game at 17 with just 4:25 remaining. After a couple punts back and forth, the Panthers had the ball with roughly 30 seconds left. Instead of just kneeling the ball and going to overtime, the Panthers attempted to take the lead. Cam Newton completed a 14 yard pass to Kelvin Benjamin and Marcus Peters made an excellent play to rip the ball from Benjamin’s hands, setting the Chiefs up with the game winning field goal. It was an excellent and gutsy comeback by the Chiefs and they deserve to be recognized as a top five team. Their defense has been excellent, despite their offensive woes. Now, they’ve got a relatively easy matchup with the Bucs.

6. Denver Broncos 7-3 (last week’s ranking: 6) – If there was any team that didn’t really deserve their victory, it’s the Broncos. They had a 23-17 lead when Drew Brees threw a strike to Brandin Cooks for a 30 yard touchdown, which tied the game. The extra point would’ve given the Saints the lead, but Justin Simmons made a great play for the Broncos, leaping over the center and blocking the kick. This was a great play and the Broncos certainly deserve credit for that, but what followed was where the game went wrong. Will Parks scooped up the blocked kick for the Broncos and ran it back for a two-point conversion, giving the Broncos a 25-23 lead and the win as it happened with just 1:22 remain and New Orleans had no timeouts. The problem is that Parks clearly stepped out of bounds and the refs didn’t overturn the call. The game likely would’ve went to overtime and Trevor Siemian isn’t likely to lead a scoring drive with just 1:22 left in the game. Not to say the Broncos wouldn’t have won in overtime, but they certainly shouldn’t have won the way they did. I still think the Broncos are a great team, especially defensively, but their offense has question marks as they have struggled in recent weeks against bad defenses. The Broncos finally have their bye next week.

7. Atlanta Falcons 6-4 (last week’s ranking: 5) – Of all the top ten teams right now, the Falcons are the shakiest in my opinion. Their defense is just not good enough for them to be taken seriously as contenders, but there really aren’t that many teams that are looking better right now. Offensively, they’re still elite. As long as their offensive line is healthy and Matt Ryan and Julio Jones are playing, this offense will be hard to stop. However, they were exposed a bit, as the Eagles were able to pressure Matt Ryan and force him into having a very pedestrian game. While I still think the Falcons are a very good team, I’m just not so sure that they’ll continue win, considering how their games are always close. It’s hard to win close games consistently in the NFL. They have their bye next week so that’ll give them time to get turned around after a bad loss.

8. New York Giants 6-3 (last week’s ranking: 11) – Before the season started, I pegged the Giants as favorites to win the NFC East. Clearly, I didn’t realize how good the Cowboys would be. Either way, the Giants have been rolling. After a 2-3 start, they’ve ripped off four straight wins. The biggest difference has been the play of their defense. In the last few weeks, their defense has been excellent at forcing turnovers, stopping the run, and getting after the quarterback. Landon Collins is a player who deserves a lot of credit as his improvement in his second year has been huge for this defense. The Giants’ offense has played well too, especially in close games. Odell Beckham is finally starting to play like himself and, against the Bengals on Monday night, the Giants finally got their run game going. If the G-Men can run the ball, everything else on offense will come a lot easier. I also think Eli Manning needs to start playing better for this team to continue their recent success. His 15 to 10 touchdown to interception ratio is not good and you can’t blame this offensive line this year because they’ve been excellent in pass protection. If Eli can get it going, this team will be dangerous, but even without him playing well, they’ve certainly been a top ten team. Their matchup against the Bears should be easy, but they certainly can’t afford to lose.

9. Buffalo Bills 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 8) – The Bills were on bye this week, but they move down because the Giants moved up. While their 4-5 record isn’t great, they’ve had some tough losses against very good teams and overall have looked pretty good this season. Their next matchup with the Bengals will be a great test for them.

10. Arizona Cardinals 4-4-1 (last week’s ranking: 9) – It never should’ve came to it, but the Cardinals beat the 49ers on a Chandler Catanzaro field goal as time expired. Hosting the 49ers at home, the Cards should’ve destroyed them. Carson Palmer has been racking up yards this season, but he hasn’t been able to get his team in the end zone. So far, he’s thrown just 11 touchdowns as opposed to nine interceptions. David Johnson has been a monster this season, but his game against the 49ers was very disappointing, to say the least. The Cardinals defense wasn’t terrible on Sunday, but considering the matchup, they should’ve played better. Overall, the Cardinals have still been pretty good on defense this season, but offensively, they’ve left much to be desired, at least considering their talent. A win is a win, and it certainly helps the Cardinals gain ground for the playoffs, but they need to start playing better than this. Next week, they face the sinking Vikings, but it’s still a tough matchup on the road.

11. Houston Texans 6-3 (last week’s ranking: 12) – The Texans have been racking up wins against bad teams so far this season, but their schedule is about to get tough. We’ll see how this team stacks up against better teams as well as being on the road. I think the Texans are a good team, but not a great team. They have a very good defense, especially against the pass, but they can certainly be run on. I also have no faith in Brock Osweiler as a franchise quarterback. He’s been one of the worst starting signal callers in the NFL this season and the team should regret giving him that massive contract. They have plenty of great pieces around him, but he’s struggling to put them in situations where they can succeed. As long as their defense continues to play well, they’ll always have a chance to win, but this team should be concerned about Osweiler. Their next matchup is in Oakland against a Raiders team that has been excellent this year and is coming off a bye week.

12. Washington Redskins 5-3-1 (last week’s ranking: 17) – I may have underestimated the Redskins. Their play continues to surprise me. While I thought they would be able to keep the scoring close against the Vikings, I did not think they would win the game. Surprisingly, they won the game with their offense, scoring 26 points against one of the league’s elite defenses. This offense essentially lives and dies by the play of Kirk Cousins. When he plays well, this offense is hard to stop. They have great receivers and a good offensive line. Their run game hasn’t been great, but it’s been better since they promoted Robert Kelley to starting running back. When Cousins plays poorly, however, this team struggles. He tends to make bad decisions and struggle with accuracy at times, but overall, he’s had a pretty good season. Defensively, the Redskins have also been better than I expected. Their pass rush has been consistent, as Trent Murphy has stepped up alongside Ryan Kerrigan. Josh Norman has been as good as ever as their new top corner and the rest of the secondary has been able to play off of him. They’ve also been pretty good against the run this season so overall, a solid year for this defense. This team could make a push for the playoffs, but it’ll be tough in the very strong NFC East. They play the reeling Packers next week.

13. Detroit Lions 5-4 (last week’s ranking: 14) – While the Lions had their bye this week, they moved up a spot because the Vikings moved down. Their next game is against the Jags so they should have no problem winning.

14. Philadelphia Eagles 5-4 (last week’s ranking: 19) – This was a win the Eagles needed. The NFC East is so tough this year that every loss is a huge setback. The Eagles were coming off a stretch where they were 1-4 in their last five games and were starting to fall out of favor for a playoff spot. While they’re still in last place, this win over the Falcons not only helped them stay in the playoff hunt, but also gave them a nice confidence boost going forward. Their defense was excellent against the league’s top scoring offense. Their front seven has been among the NFL’s best units, getting relentless pressure while also doing a solid job against the run. Their problems so far this season have most resided on offense. Carson Wentz had a nice start to the season, but he’s been rather ineffective as of late. He doesn’t do a good job pushing the ball downfield and he isn’t the type of quarterback than can put the team on his back. However, the Eagles’ run game was so dominant this Sunday that he didn’t have to do that. If the Eagles can continue to run the ball like that, they’ll have plenty of success. That is, however, a big “if”. Next Sunday, they have an incredibly tough matchup in Seattle.

15. Cincinnati Bengals 3-5-1 (last week’s ranking: 15) – This has been the Bengals’ story all season. They can beat bad teams like the Browns, Dolphins, and Jets, but against decent teams, they’ve been losing close games (or tying), and against good teams, they don’t stand much of a chance. They are the least surprising team in the NFL. They have no big upsets, but they also have no major disappointments either. One major problem they have, though, as that they’ve lost a couple close games against beatable teams. Their last couple games, against the Giants and Redskins, they could’ve won. They simply choked in key situations. They’ve had a very tough schedule so far, with losses to the Cowboys, Steelers, Broncos, and Patriots (with Brady). It’s tough to put them much lower because of their schedule, but they certainly lack the killer instinct that some teams have that allows them to win close games. They’ve got another tough matchup next week against the Bills.

16. Pittsburgh Steelers 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 16) – Unfortunately for the Steelers, they came out on the losing end of one of the most exciting games of the year. The Steelers’ defense collapsed in the final minute. After Ben Roethlisberger connected with Antonio Brown on a fake-spike touchdown pass with just 42 seconds remaining, giving the Steelers a one point lead, the Cowboys took just 33 seconds to go down the field and score a touchdown. While the touchdown wasn’t necessary, it only happened because an idiotic facemask penalty on Sean Davis put the Cowboys in field goal range with 15 seconds left. The Cowboys were content with just running the ball to get the clock down so they could kick the game-winning field goal as time expired, but they handed the ball to Ezekiel Elliott and he ran right up the middle for a 32 yard touchdown. It was a crushing defeat for the Steelers and it certainly wasn’t a good look for their defense. While their offense had a nice day, they haven’t been playing at the level they were at earlier in the year. With their defense being one of the weaker units in the NFL, their offense needs to be elite. Until that starts happening, the Steelers won’t be seen as contenders. They are still in play for the division, and it shouldn’t be too hard to keep it that way as they play the winless Browns next week.

17. Minnesota Vikings 5-4 (last week’s ranking: 10) – The Vikings are in the middle of a freefall. After starting the season 5-0 and looking like the best team in football, they have dropped four straight games. It’s not like their losing to really good teams either. While the Redskins, Eagles, and Lions are respectable, they aren’t elite teams. Those three losses combined with a loss to the Bears is not a good look for a team that was looking like a Superbowl contender at their bye week a month ago. The Vikings were simply overachieving early on. Without Teddy Bridgewater, Adrian Peterson, and Matt Kalil, this team wasn’t expected to be very good, especially on offense. Now, it’s starting to show. Sam Bradford isn’t a very good quarterback, they have a terrible offensive line, and they have no running game. While their defense is still playing at an elite level (or at least they were before Sunday), this team won’t go very far until their offense picks it up. I don’t see that happening. Now they have a tough matchup coming up against the Cardinals.

18. Indianapolis Colts 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 20) – Coming off their best game of the season, the Colts had their bye week. They moved up a couple spots because of how bad the Packers and Chargers looked on Sunday, but this team could start to rise if they can play the way they did last week. They host the Titans next week in a crucial divisional matchup.

19. Green Bay Packers 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 13) – The Packers are another team playing well below standards. Since Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers have been there, this team has had such high expectations year in and year out. Rodgers is one of the best quarterbacks in the league and this team has decent talent, but for some reason, they’re losing games they should be winning. Rodgers hasn’t been the problem the way he was earlier in the year. The offensive line is still playing at a high level. They have talented receivers. Their problem offensively is that they have no running back. They finally got James Starks back this week, but their defense played horribly and they got behind early, forcing them to go with a one-dimensional offensive attack. Their defense has been playing poorly recently as well. Until their defense turns it around and keeps the offense in games, the Packers might just keep losing. Aaron Rodgers is not a miracle worker. Hopefully, they won’t need a miracle to beat the Redskins next week, but it is certainly not an easy game.

20. Miami Dolphins 5-4 (last week’s ranking: 24) – I’m not really sure how, but the Dolphins just keep winning. I don’t really think the Dolphins have that good of a roster, but the product on the field has been impressive. Their offense has enjoyed a lot of success running the football, with their offensive line healthy and Jay Ajayi breaking out in a big way. They do have an exciting and young group of receivers, so as long as Ryan Tannehill plays well, this offense can score points. Defensively, the Dolphins still lack talent, but they’ve done enough to win. Their defensive line has been playing really well and is the strength of the defense, but if they don’t get after the quarterback, their secondary can be easily exposed. I do think the Dolphins have been taking advantage of an easy schedule, but their win over the Chargers on the road was impressive. What made it especially impressive was that they picked off Philip Rivers four times in the fourth quarter. If the defense can continue to force turnovers and the offense can keep running the ball down opposing teams’ throats, they can keep winning. They have another winnable game against the Rams next week.

21. Tennessee Titans 5-5 (last week’s ranking: 25) – Last season, the Titans would’ve had no business competing against the Packers. Even this season, I never would’ve expected the Titans to win a matchup against Aaron Rodgers. Yet, this Sunday, not only did they beat the Packers, but they demolished them in the stunner of the week. The Titans got off to a hot start, with DeMarco Murray ripping off a 75-yard touchdown on their first play of the game. Their defense forced the Packers to punt on their first three possessions, while their offense scored three touchdowns on their first three possessions, giving them a 21-0 lead that they would never relinquish. Marcus Mariota had his best game of the season, ripping apart the Packers’ secondary. The Titans have built this team using a similar blueprint to the Cowboys. They spent early picks on offensive lineman and got themselves a good running back. Now their run game is so good, that their young quarterback can play off of it, making his life easier and their offense more efficient. The Titans are certainly no pushover this season and they’ll have a chance to prove it in Indy next week.

22. Baltimore Ravens 5-4 (last week’s ranking: 22) – For the second time this season, the Ravens struggled in the first half against the Browns, only to bounce back in the second half. Back in September, the Ravens fell behind 20-0 only to come back and win 25-20. This game was a little different, as they trailed just 7-6 in the first half and played a great second half, outscoring the Browns 22-0. Still, this is a win over the Browns, so it isn’t something to be too excited about. The Raven’s biggest problems are offensive. Joe Flacco hasn’t been very good this season and they don’t have much of a running game either. Their defense is great in the front seven, but their secondary is a major weakness. The Ravens have taken advantage of an easy schedule early on and they’re currently in first place of the AFC North, but I don’t think they’re good enough to hang onto it. Their next game against the Cowboys will likely prove that.

23. New Orleans Saints 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 23) – I feel bad for the Saints. They suffered an incredibly tough loss to a good Broncos team. They had a chance to win after Drew Brees threw a beautiful touchdown pass to Brandin Cooks with just 1:22 remaining in the game. That touchdown tied the game at 23 before the extra point. However, the kick that would’ve given them a lead, and likely a win, was blocked. The game likely would’ve gone to overtime, but the Broncos returned the kick for a two point conversion, sealing their victory. The problem is that Will Parks, who returned the kick, clearly stepped out of bounds. It’s a tough, tough loss for the Saints, but they’ve shown that they can compete against good teams. Now, they play Thursday night against the Panthers.

24. San Diego Chargers 4-6 (last week’s ranking: 18) – I’m not one to blame one player for a team’s loss, but it’s pretty hard not to blame Philip Rivers for this one. He threw four horrible interceptions in the fourth quarter, essentially choking the game away for the Chargers. His first pick didn’t really hurt the team, but his second one was in the end zone on first down so that one hurt. He then threw a beautiful pass to Tyrell Williams for a 51-yard touchdown, giving the Chargers a 24-21 lead. The Chargers’ defense then gave up a field goal that tied the game at 24. This is where it got really bad for Rivers. Trying to lead a game-winning drive, Rivers throws a pick-six to Kiko Alonso. It was a horrible throw undercut by Alonso that he easily took back to the house. Now, with the Chargers trailing 31-24, he had a chance to redeem himself by throwing a game-tying touchdown and he gets picked off again. It’s hard to blame one player and the defense certainly could’ve stepped up earlier in the game, but this loss has got to feel bad for Rivers because he really threw the game away. They have a bye next week, so Rivers is sadly going to have some extra time to think about it.

25. Carolina Panthers 3-6 (last week’s ranking: 21) – These are clearly not the same Panthers that reached the Superbowl last season. This loss to the Chiefs, while against a very good team, has to sting. The Panthers had a 17-0 lead early in the game and wound up losing 20-17. The offense, after a good start, sputtered in the second half. Cam Newton hasn’t looked as good this year as he was last year. It’s not entirely his fault though. The Panthers’ run game has been weak and their pass protection has been terrible as well. Newton isn’t getting much help, despite the fact that he has Kelvin Benjamin back this season. Their defense has been much better in recent weeks in comparison to how they played early in the year, but their secondary is still vulnerable against good passing attacks. That’s not a good thing, as they have a matchup lined up with Drew Brees and the Saints on Thursday night.

26. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 27) – The Bucs routed the Bears in a 36-10 win on Sunday. Jameis Winston had a great game, throwing for 312 yards and a pair of touchdowns. The Bucs got Doug Martin back, which was big, but he was clearly rusty and he and Peyton Barber both struggled to get anything going on the ground. Once Martin gets going, this offense will be pretty dangerous. Mike Evans deserves some recognition as he has having a monster year too. Defensively, the Bucs may have had their best game of the season. They sacked Jay Cutler four times while forcing him to throw a pair of interceptions and fumble twice. Their coverage was excellent too, as they allowed just 182 passing yards and held Cutler to just 16 of 30 passing. Their only problem defensively was they struggled to stop the run, but it was an otherwise dominant performance for the Bucs. However, this came in a home game against the Bears so until they start beating some good teams, there isn’t much to be excited about. Their matchup in Kansas City next week will be a tough one.

27. Los Angeles Rams 4-5 (last week’s ranking: 26) – In pretty typical fashion, the Rams beat the Jets. They did it without scoring a touchdown, which is the second time they’ve done that this season. The final score was 9-6 in a defensive struggle. While the Rams defense was certainly impressive, allowing just a single touchdown, it wasn’t very surprising, considering they were facing Brice Petty in his first start. There were plenty of times where the Jets had open receivers and Petty missed them, so this game was more about the Jets being awful than the Rams being good. Don’t get me wrong, the Rams have a really good defense, but this was a good matchup for them. Sadly, the Rams’ offensive MVP was kicker Greg Zuerlein as he made three short field goals and scoring all nine of the Rams’ points. The good news for the Rams is that coach Jeff Fisher has finally decided to start Jared Goff next Sunday. It’s about time. Rams fans have to be sick of watching Case Keenum start every week while they have a No. 1 pick sitting on the bench. Maybe Goff can jump-start this offense. Maybe Todd Gurley will finally average over three yards a carry in a game. Maybe the Rams will score a touchdown. We’ll see what happens in Goff’s first career start against the Dolphins next week.

28. Chicago Bears 2-7 (last week’s ranking: 28) – Maybe the Bears’ bye week should’ve lasted two weeks. They clearly weren’t ready for their game in Tampa. Jay Cutler looked awful in his second start since returning from a broken thumb. His first start against the Vikings was great so I’m not really sure what happened. Maybe that win over the Vikes was too good to be true. I don’t think the Bears have that bad of a team either. They have a pretty good front seven, a good offensive line, and some good backs and receivers. The main problems are their secondary and Cutler. Also, Alshon Jeffery getting suspended on Monday doesn’t help. The Bears need to move on from Cutler after this season, unless they have some kind of miraculous turn-around. Their next game is at the Meadowlands against the Giants.

29. New York Jets 3-7 (last week’s ranking: 29) – I was very tempted to put the Jets below the Jaguars after this loss. They looked absolutely horrible against the Rams. Their defense played well, but against one of the league’s worst offenses, that’s no surprise. Their problems at the quarterback position are just dragging the whole team down. Brice Petty was making his first start in place of the injured Ryan Fitzpatrick, and sadly, he wasn’t any better than Fitzpatrick was. The Jets have a decent offense around the quarterback, but they’ll never get anywhere until the quarterback play improves. They have a good amount of talent on their roster, but their play on the field has been hard to watch. They have their bye next week, so at least they don’t have to worry about losing another game.

30. Jacksonville Jaguars 2-7 (last week’s ranking: 30) – Can it get any uglier for Blake Bortles? He has this horrible play where he attempted to throw the ball backwards to T.J. Yeldon and the throw was so low that the ball bounced off his foot and into the hands of the Texans’ Whitney Mercilus. It was the kind of play that only bad quarterbacks make. The pick-six he threw wasn’t pretty either. His regressing has completely destroyed all the potential this offense has and if he doesn’t start to improve, this team may need to find a new franchise quarterback. I can’t imagine that’s something the Jags want to do…again. Their defense wasn’t awful, but you would expect better from them at home against the Brock Osweiler led Texans. Their defense certainly has a ton of potential, but it’ll be a couple years before this team can be taken seriously. Their next game is against the surprisingly tough Lions.

31. San Francisco 49ers 1-8 (last week’s ranking: 31) – For the first time in a while, the 49ers actually looked like a competent football team. They managed to hang in against the Cardinals as Colin Kaepernick ran in the tying touchdown with just 1:55 left in the game. Unfortunately for the 49ers, their defense couldn’t hold up and the Cardinals hit a game winning field goal as time expired. Kaepernick actually played rather well against a great defense, but there still isn’t enough talent on this offense for them to put points on the board consistently. This was also the first time that Kaepernick looked good this season anyway. The only hope this offense has is that Carlos Hyde gets healthy and their run game starts to control games. Even if that happens, though, the 49ers defense has been awful this season. They have a couple good, young players, but otherwise, it’s a unit lacking talent and production. They’re a few years away from playoff contention as they’ll continue to rebuild. They’ll have almost no chance of winning against the Patriots next week.

32. Cleveland Browns 0-10 (last week’s ranking: 32) – If only NFL games were only 30 minutes. The Browns could’ve actually won a game. Unfortunately that isn’t the case and a 7-6 lead at the half turned into a 28-7 loss. It was the second time that the Browns played the Ravens and looked competitive early on, but simply couldn’t hold a lead. Their defense has been awful, getting shredded both on the ground and through the air. Offensively, there are some things to be excited about. Corey Coleman and Terrelle Pryor form a nice duo of receivers on the outside. Isiah Crowell is having a pretty good season too. Their quarterback carousel continued, however, as they pulled Cody Kessler in favor of Josh McCown. Neither performed particularly well, but McCown played much worse. Kessler hasn’t been that bad and if he had a better team around him, he would actually be a decent quarterback, but the Browns don’t seem to have any faith in him as they continue to flip between him and McCown. Robert Griffin III is expected to return soon as well so that’ll throw in another twist. This team clearly isn’t going anywhere and each week it looks more and more likely that they’ll be the second team in NFL history to go winless. It’s hard to see them ending that possibility as they host the Steelers next week.

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