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NHLPA, NHL Announce Team Payroll Range For 2015-16

Free Agent signings can not start until July 1

The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association today announced that the Team Payroll Range established for the 2015-16 League Year, pursuant to the Collective Bargaining Agreement, provides for a Lower Limit of $52.8 million, an Adjusted Midpoint of $62.1 million and an Upper Limit of $71.4 million.

What that means in normal speak is: there will be a floor of $52.8 million. That means that every NHL team needs to spend at least that much this year on salaries. The ceiling this season, will be $71.4 million, which means that every team in the NHL must stay under that mark.

The ceiling is higher than anyone expected for the 2015-16 season, so that means that teams will be able to spend a little bit more to re-sign UFA’s and RFA’s. Trades will also be even bigger before the Draft this Friday in Florida.

Free Agent signings can not start until July 1st, but teams can engage in talks with potential FA’s before this time.


UFA= Unrestricted Free Agent

RFA= Restricted Free Agent

First the Trades, then the Draft and next week, FREE AGENT FRENZY!!!!!


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