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NJ Spine and Wellness to Host Central Jersey Concussion Forum on June 14

2016 Central Jersey Concussion Forum- bringing athletic and medical professionals together in the name of education and the health of our children.




Concussions: the hot topic amongst parents, coaches, youth athletics administrators, even all the way up to the commissioner of the NFL.  The ramifications of repeated concussions are well documented, and the staff at NJ Spine and Wellness firmly believes that improving this situation begins with our youth.  Medical attention, pertaining to concussions specifically, is not adequate at levels below high school and middle school. Coaches and parents therefore need to equip themselves with the knowledge to know when it might be time to take a kid out of a game or practice. For this reason, NJSW has decided to present to the public the 2016 Central Jersey Concussion Forum.

This event will be taking place on Tuesday, June 14 at the Battleground Country Club in Manalapan, NJ from 6pm-8pm.

The night will be opened by Dr. Christine Greiss, MD of JFK Medical Center.  Dr. Greiss is a Traumatic Brain Injury Specialist and the Director of the Concussion Program at JFK’s Johnson Institute of Rehabilitation.

Dr. Greiss will be followed by members of the NJSW Sports Medicine Team who will offer insights to coaches and parents regarding the well-being of their athletes.

Closing the evening will be Kevin Saum of Heads ‘N Tales.  Kevin is a former star football player and survivor of Second Impact Syndrome, a highly fatal result of experiencing a second concussion before the first one is fully healed.

If you are interested in attending the event and would like to request a seat, please register on NJ Spine and Wellness ‘website by visiting the link below.  For coaches and directors looking to attend with larger parties, please contact

Dinner will also be served, sign up now as seats are limited. Sign up here:

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