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NJPW on the Road: Sydal and Ricochet

New Japan’s YouTube channel has brought it’s fans a special treat! Two parts of a mini documentation of NJPW Stars Matt Sydal and Ricochet on the road has been uploaded for our enjoyment. This is a wonderful glimpse into the day to day activities that go into a Japan tour that these wrestlers go through.

While Matt has seen the sights in the area, Ricochet keeps it strictly business and wrestles and trains for his stay Ricochet and Sydal go to a Gold’s Gym in town and show the fitness routines that work for them. Yoga is a best friend for both wrestlers. With a long standing foot injury, Sydal credits Yoga with helping to keep him going in the ring. Without giving too much away, I highly recommend these videos. It’s a great watch and takes you into the preparation of these two talented wrestlers.



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