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NYCFC, it’s not just a team, it’s a family

No doubt, this is absolutely the best season for New York City FC. The Blues have found great continuity this season, despite some physiological setbacks. The main problem has been the many injuries up and down the roster. Many times, New York played without key players. In the last period, Heber was missing, for example, to name one. Even against San Jose both the Brazilian and Maxi Moralez were missing.

Yet, despite the absences and the clear difficulty, New York City has remained a compact team, a team that has gone further with a clear objective in mind. Torrent wanted to take the team up and he succeeded. His ideas proved to be successful and he expressed them to the team in the right way.

In fact, every player is able to give their best. Each player has given and is giving his valuable contribution. If important players like Heber and Maxi are missing, to mention the last two absentees, Dome Torrent has shown that he can rely on a complete team. Medina and Mitrita have proved decisive in recent games. Previously it was Taty Castellanos who showed great things.

The team in general is showing that there are no special players and players just for the bench, everyone is able to make their contribution to the City. This is probably the strength of the team. Each player is able to make a difference, each player is showing great attachment to the New York City FC jersey and these colors. The facts are proving it and even the fans have understood it very well. It never fails cheering of supporters, but this year is different. Fans feel more, incite the team more and help them overcome difficulties.

No doubt, from the club to the coach, passing through players and fans, New York City FC is proving to be a great family.

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