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Ryan Murphy, in the zone, swimming, olympics
Ryan Murphy (photo: Mike Lewis) (Photo provided by Jerry Milani PR)


Olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy discusses International Swimming League and Summer Olympics

Three time olympic gold medalist Ryan Murphy is currently swimming in the International Swimming League, as he continues to prepare for the Olympic games in Tokyo. With the 2020 summer games being postponed until 2021, swimmers from across the globe are using the International Swimming League as a tune up to Olympic qualifiers in 2020.

The International Swimming League, now in its second year, began competition last week in a “bubble” in Budapest. “The Budapest Bubble”  is the largest international competition in any sport since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

In this interview, Ryan Murphy reflects on his success at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio, swimming and winning a gold medal in Michael Phelps last race and his preparation for the Tokyo Summer Olympics.

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Nicholas Durst

Nicholas Durst is a sports media professional who has worked as an on-air personality and producer with the Brooklyn Cyclones, Bleacher Report, MSG Networks, WFAN Radio and MTV. He has experience in TV, radio, social/digital media, short-form and live video across sports and entertainment. He is also a NCAA Division II broadcaster for CSI SportsNet. Nicholas hosts You Know I'm Right, right here on Follow him on twitter @Nick_Durst

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