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Paige Van Zant: The New Girl in UFC

The press conference at the Best Buy Theater in New York provided some insight into the fighters that will make up tonight’s UFC Fight Night on FOX: Machida vs Rockhold. The Prudential Center will be the site of the matches and the opening will offer a women’s duel at Straw-weight – it’s veteran vs novice, both blond, both fight-ready, and both determined to come out on top.



Paige Vanzant vs Felice Herrig will match two top ten fighters with very little separating their resumes. For Paige Vanzant, a former model and college student, she is more vicious than she appears. Dressed in a summer dress,  she portrays “the good girl” with a sunny disposition, but she also has her stubborn side.

“My motivation is to win. I’m very competitive and stubborn,” said VanZant.

Paige admitted she plays no musical instruments, yet she has her finger on the pulse in the cage. She does not get the jitters as her enthusiasm appears to wash over most feelings of fear. How does she prepare?

“In every fight campaign I go through a small routine,” VanzZnt shared. “I always say a prayer and leave it in God’s hands and I leave it from there.”

VanZant’s faith translates to her ring skills. So far unbeaten, she sees the up side of her chosen profession.

“I expect the win and I hope to gain as much as I can,” VanZant shared. “I’m very young, new in the sport, and have not peaked physically or mentally.”

Her outlook on ring life is not so different from life outside the cage. She is excited about the whole process. This Texas Tornado provided some insight as we closed our conversation.

“I just want to get the win and go from there. I’m not someone who plans a year or two in advance,” VanZant admitted. “I’m a one day at the time kind of person. As far as plans go, the only thing I have set in stone is this fight.”

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