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Paul Dunne and Zack Greinke top the weekend trends

As is often the case, lots of sports topics, topped the weekend trends.  From the NY Met’s playing an 18 inning game, to the NBA stars competing in the NBA Summer League, to Chris Paul hanging in Vegas for a Charity event, athletes once again showed up on Twitter’s ‘Who’s Who’ list.  Yet, by far the biggest trends this weekend, belonged to Paul Dunne and Zack Greinke.  Greinke for his awesomeness on the mound, after he extended his scoreless innings streak to 43 2/3 innings in a match up that had him paired up against the Nationals’ ace, Max Scherzer and Dunne, for his amazing bout at the British Open.   It’s not just that Paul Dunne might actually win the British Open that folks were talking about, as opposed to the fact that if he wins, he cannot collect the prize.

Could you imagine getting a lottery ticket worth $1.8 million dollars, and you could not collect?  According to Mark Snadritter [ @MarkSandritter ] in an article he wrote for if Paul Dunne wins the British Open, which by the way he could do, he cannot collect a penny of the $1.8 million prize.  That’s because Paul Dunne, who has been topping the weekend trends, is an amateur and because of this status he cannot collect the winnings, should he win the British Open.


There are reasons why Dunne maintained his amateur status, and it’s always easy to play ‘Monday Morning QB’ and say what Dunne should have done, but he was not supposed to be this close, so who knew?  According to sources in Vegas, odds set before the tournament, had Dunne at 1500 to 1.  Can you imagine, if he wins? He’ll probably feel like someone who traded in the million dollar suitcase on ‘Deal or No Deal’ only to walk away with a penny.

Many headed to St Andrews to get a glimpse of Jordan Spieth who was expected to make history by completing the third leg of the PGA Grand Slam, and Spieth can still accomplish this feat.  He was showing signs of frustrations though, and lots of buzz about whether the pressure to win The Grand Slam, is what’s causing Spieth to miss some key shots.

The Grand Slam of Golf consists of the Master’s Tournament, U.S. Open, The Open Championship [ British Open ] and the USPGA which takes place in August, the 3rd weekend prior to Labor Day weekend.  Spieth still has a very good shot at winning.  It will be interesting to see what happens come Monday.

For a look at all the action, you can check out this article summarizing The Open, available at

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