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PFL 12 (Season 2): Harrison v. Pacheco Results

It is officially time to celebrate the second season of the Professional Fighters League. PFL 12 takes place tonight at the Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum in Uniondale, NY.

The main event will feature Kayla Harrison taking on Larissa Pacheco in a lightweight bout. Throughout the night there will be updates on the fights taking place. Check out the full PFL 12 results below.

Main Card (ESPN2, 9 p.m. ET)

* Kayla Harrison (4-0) def. Larissa Pacheco (11-3) via unanimous decision (30-25, 30-27, 30-27) (Lightweight)

– Kayla starts off with a big punch but Pacheco is not backing down. Both backed up against the cage and Harrison takes Larissa to the floor. Harrison tries several submission attempts while striking the face of Pacheco. Harrison goes for the rear naked choke but the first round ended before anything can happen. Larissa puts Harrison in a rear naked choke of her own in the second but doesn’t get all of it. Harrison reverses and mounts Larissa. Harrison continues to pound away after surviving a moment of adversity.

Round three time. Another takedown by Harrison, who stops all of Larissa’s leftover momentum. Larissa tries to submit Harrison but the latter fights her off. Harrison tries to go for the knockout punch but can’t seem to find it. The round ends before she could do anything. Harrison has earned three points to start the tournament. 

* Magomed Magomedkerimov (24-5) def. John Howard (27-15-1) via submission (4:54 into round one) (Welterweight)

– Magomed puts Howard down to the floor early. Prior to that, he almost landed a vicious shot to the face of Howard. He attempted to do the same again but missed just like the first attempt. Magomed landed the punch on the third try and submits Howard with a guillotine just seconds left in the first round. Magomed earned six points thanks to the submission. 

* Ray Cooper III (18-6) def. Zane Kamaka (13-4) via submission (4:29 in round two) (Welterweight)

– Cooper already had three points heading into this fight due to Kamaka missing weight. Round one was a lot of groundwork by Cooper, who would not give his relative a moment to breathe. Kamaka attempted to kick Cooper back any chance he got, forcing him away. Cooper swung away while pinning Kamaka down. Somehow, they made it to round two. Cooper continued the mount in round two, eventually putting the rear naked choke onto Kamaka for the win. Cooper kept the hold on longer than he needed to. Cooper gets more points added for five total. 

“This fight didn’t have to happen, but it’s over and I’m moving on,” Cooper stated. “I wanted to end this fight early, would’ve preferred to get the job done in one, but I’ll take the 5 points and get ready for the next fight.”

* Sarah Kaufman (21-4, 1NC) def. Morgan Frier (4-2) via submission (2:22 into round one) (Lightweight)

– Both fighters swinging away to start things off. Kaufman tried to take Frier down, but the latter was able to hold her off, if only for a little while. After an impressive arm triangle by Kaufman, Frier taps out. Kaufman has earned six points as a result. 

“This was my first fight at 155, it felt so good to fight at a natural weight class,” Kaufman stated. “This is exactly what I wanted coming in, earn 6 points and get momentum going toward the playoffs and championship. This is the beginning of an awesome journey.”

* Sadibou Sy (8-4-1) def. David Michaud (15-5) via knockout (0:17 into round one) (Welterweight)

– Sy with a brutal kick to the side of Michaud and the latter is already down. A few ground punches later and it is all over. Sy earns six points.

“I saw an opportunity for a left kick and I took it,” Sy stated. “My left kick is second to none. I hit him right where I had to. Got the job done and can now move forward. Now let’s enjoy New York and get back to training.” 

Prelims (ESPN+, 6:30 p.m. ET)

* Handesson Ferreira (14-2-1) def. Bojan Velickovic (16-9-2) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) (Welterweight)

From the opening bell, Ferreira was making Bojan run around the cage. One thing that Bojan was not working on was his wrestling, something Ferreira was working on in the second. Ferreira ended up getting three points.  

“I’m at the right place, at the right time,” Ferreira stated. “This is my year. Nobody’s going to take this away from me.”

* Bobbi Jo Dalziel (5-0) def. Genah Fabian (1-1) via unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28) (Lightweight)

– Dalziel started the fight with some hard kicks that might have caught Fabian off guard. Fabian ended up backing Dalziel into the cage before the latter turned the tables on her. Dalziel’shit a hard punch to the face then a swift kick. Round one ended with Dalziel having the advantage. Dalziel did not stick to the kicks in round two, as it was Fabian who used her impressive kicking ability this time. In round three, Fabian’s strikes were extremely efficient. After busting Fabian open, Dalziel went in on the attack. Bobbi Jo earned three points thanks in part to her dominant performance.

“That was definitely the toughest fight of my life, but exactly what I expected,” Bobbi Jo stated. “I had so much fun, and I’m happy to earn the 3 points towards a potential playoff spot.”

* Glaico Franca (20-5) def. Gamzat Khiramagomedov (6-1) via submission (4:06 in round one) (Welterweight)

– Both attempted to use their strength to take the other down early on. Following a back and forth affair, Franca submitted Kiramagomedov after putting the prospect down to the floor and locking in the rear naked choke. Franca earned six points following the submission win. 

“He hits hard and can take a punch too,” Glaico stated. “Too bad I’m used to taking a punch and can hit even harder! I’m here to win it all, this is just the beginning.”

* Chris Curtis (21-5) def. Andre Fialho (10-2) via TKO (4:17 in round three) (Welterweight)

– Fialho started off slow but ended up using deadly kicks to show what he is all about. On the other side of things, Curtis’ boxing is out of this world. In the third round, Curtis started to gain momentum, to the point where all of his punches were hitting. Fialho was getting rocked in the face and body, to the point that the ref had to stop the fight. Curtis earned four points thanks to the win via TKO.

“Great result overall. Just wish I could’ve had my first round be my second so I could’ve been loose and heated up by then,” Curtis stated after the bout. “We’re only getting better from here, this was my first PFL action and I’m not here to just participate, I’m here to win and earn a million dollars.”

* Roberta Samad (4-5) def. Moriel Charneski (4-2) via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27) (Lightweight)

– Samad was hot to start it off, knocking down Charneski to open the first, keeping her on the floor. The Texas native continued to hold her down, attempting to submit her with as leglock before the first round ended. The second round was more of the same, as Samad’s strikes were the name of the game. Charneski was dominating the mount when the third round again but before the final bell rang Samad ended up on top, utilizing a vicious the ground and pound. Samad’s win earned her three points. 

“That’s a pretty good performance after being out for nearly three years,” Samad stated after the fight. “I took the fight to the ground as I was a little worried about my cardio. But it wasn’t an issue, I battled, earned the win, and am ready for the next one.”

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