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PFL Finals Live Results: The Quest for $1 Million

Glory, money and championship gold are all on the line in this New Year’s Eve supershow

It has been a long journey for twelve fighters. After over 72 fighters competed for a shot at glory, only the select few will walk out a champion and $1 million richer. This is the PFL Finals, live from the Hulu Theater inside Madison Square Garden.

Starting New Year’s Eve off with a bang, the Professional Fighters League will start the show at 7 p.m. ET. You can watch the fight on NBCSN.

Check back here for live results and analysis of the fights.

Louis Taylor def. Abus Magomedov via first-round KO (0:33 seconds) – Middleweight Title Final 

Both fighters square up and attempt to take each other down with kicks. Less than a minute into the first round Louis Taylor knocks Magomedov down to the ground and hits decisive blows to end the fight, starting the night off with a bang.

– Lance Palmer def. Steve Siler via unanimous decision (50-43, 50-45, 49-46) – Featherweight Title Final  

Round one: Palmer and Siler both trading kicks early on. The former tried hitting huge strikes, with some landing. After a few more strikes Palmer takes Siler down. Siler comes back up immediately but looks very uncomfortable. Siler starts acting more aggressive with less than a minute to go. Both trade shots to end the round. Advantage: Palmer 

Round two: Palmer comes in high and clips the face of Siler. He then takes down Siler at around the 2:45 mark. After a back and forth against the cage, Palmer once again takes down Siler and keeps him there. Advantage: Palmer

Round three: Siler tries to play the aggressor and takes down Palmer. The latter ends up on top and tries to crank a clutch while also pounding on Siler. Siler got out of it before getting taken down again. Palmer pounds on Siler before the round ends. Advantage: Palmer

Round four: Another takedown by Palmer and he just pounds away at Siler before locking in a choke onto Palmer. The fight continues onto round five.

Round five: Palmer taking Siler to Takedown City, where they stayed throughout the entire round.

– Natan Schulte def. Rashid Magomedov via unanimous decision (48-46, 48-46, 48-46)– Lightweight Title Final 

Round one: Grappling against the cage to start, with Schulte having the advantage. Magomedov with heavy kicks to the body of Schulte as the clock goes to less than two minutes. Leg kicks the name of the game now. Advantage: Magomedov

Round two: Feeling out process to start things off. Combinations by Magomedov pushes Schulte back but the latter continues to fight on. Schulte has to stop the fight due to an eye poke. Magomedov gets points taken off for it. Magomedov with a leg kick to end the round. Advantage: Magomedov (Schulte via technicality) 

Round three: Both look to kick their way to victory. Schulte’s body is red from all of the damage. Advantage: Magomedov. 

Round four: Magomedov coming in hot to start but Schulte comes back and takes him down. Grappling against the cage, Schulte is looking for any advantage to slow Magomedov down. Advantage: Schulte 

Round five: Schulte with a takedown early, pressing Magomedov early. Holding him against the cage, Schulte is trying to keep the pace and hold his opponent down.

– Kayla Harrison def. Moriel Charneski via round-one TKO

Round one: Harrison takes down Charneski right away, mounting and pounding her opponent. Not letting up, Kayla hits deep strikes to the face of Charneski, holding her arm in the process. Another takedown by Harrison and she is not letting her opponent off easy. Pounding away, the referee has no choice but to call the fight off.

– Sean O’Connell def. Vinny Magalhaes via TKO – Light Heavyweight Title Final 

Round one: Both fighters hot out the gate, with O’Connell playing the aggressor. With Vinny on the ground, O’Connell pounds away. Both now trading shot after shot. Vinny now on the back of O’Connell, swiping him with fists of fury. O’Connell is busted above the left eye, and Vinny is grappling him down. Several shots to the face but O’Connell is not giving in. Advantage: Magalhaes 

Round two: Stiff shots by Vinny, but once again O’Connell is fighting right back. Magalhaes is slowing down with each move. O’Connell mashing away at Vinny, who is just trying to be defensive. O’Connell manages to hold down Vinny, who grabbed little to no offense. Advantage: O’Connell 

Round three: O’Connell continues to mash away at Vinny, knocking him down at one point. Ref keeps the fight going as O’Connell hits another vicious shot. O’Connell is waiting for the ref to end the fight, but he lets them go on. Vinny is exhausted at this point, giving nothing of value while O’Connell just lights him up. The former tries an armbar but O’Connell quickly escapes before dropping him again. Advantage: O’Connell

Vinny and his corner say he can’t go on, ending the fight. After a moving speech thanking his family and friends, O’Connell retires.

– Philipe Lins def. Josh Copeland via fourth-round TKO– Heavyweight Championship Final 

Round one: Both looking for the big blow to end this early. Lins hitting crisp shots while Copeland is changing it up with kicks. Lin continues to throw calculating shots as the round comes to a close. Advantage: Lins 

Round two: A flurry of shots to open the round. Lins with a few combination shots to Copeland’s face. The former continues to pounce away, forcing Copeland onto the ground. Advantage: Lins 

Round three: Another combination of punches by Lins. Kicks and punches the name of the game. Lins bashing the face of Copeland and is asking the ref if the fight should continue. Copeland’s blood is all over Lins’ face. Advantage: Lins

Round four: Lins is just toying with Copeland at this point. A combination of punches and kicks later, and the referee calls the fight off.

– Magomed Magomedkerimov def. Ray Cooper III via second-round guillotine – Welterweight Title Final 

Round one – Cooper hot out of the gate which is his downfall. Magomed takes him down and golds onto the back while pounding away. Continued shots to the head by Magomed tire Cooper out, and a neck crank is applied right after. Cooper gets back up and holds onto Magomed as best as he can. Magomed hits some kicks to the face of Cooper before the round ends. Advantage: Magomed 

Round two – Once again Cooper starts fast and furious, but holds position this time. He hits a swift punch to the face of Magomed but the latter lands a few kicks. Cooper starts to land his punches while calming the pace. Things heat up as Cooper tries to take down Magomed. Magomed hits a surprise guillotine, forcing Cooper to tap. 

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