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Philadelphia Eagles defense fails to take flight

Following an embarrassing loss to Minnesota, it became apparent that our defense would be a recurring problem that would go on to cost the Birds several games. However, the team’s current issues go beyond just that. The main issue is the secondary.

Multiple injuries have forced the team to resort to using our second and third-string players. Quite a few of them are reaching the tail end of their careers and will need to be replaced by young and fresh talent in the upcoming drafts. Too much blown coverage by them. They allow way too many passing yards compared to the few rushing yards teams are able to sneak past them. Even in Super Bowl 52, they allowed the most passing yards in history. This has been a long-standing issue that they cannot seem to get a handle on.

The cornerbacks can’t seem to cover either. Fans thought they were getting a good deal with Sidney Jones and Rasul Douglas. They get burnt easily and offenses know they are the weak link. They have been noticeably targeting them as a result. Jalen Mills returned recently as his confidence separates him from the rest of the CB’s. Malcolm Jenkins noted in an interview, “If you don’t have confidence, we can’t use you.”

Mills isn’t great either, but he was useful in his return in the backend. He doesn’t seem jittery or nervous on the field, which sometimes boosts his performance. Here’s why they’re having trouble: Jim Schwartz’s defensive scheme doesn’t work for our team. The corners get no help from safeties that aren’t there. They are trapped in a vulnerable position and when there’s pressure, they can’t do anything. The scheme needs to be adapted. The team should probably move on from Schwartz after this season as he has been a lackluster defensive coordinator for them the past few years.

In addition, the receivers continue to drop the ball. It’s almost like they expect Carson Wentz to throw the ball and catch it too. Zach Ertz is continuously double-teamed. Alshon Jeffrey can’t seem to get any separation when he’s being covered, but it’s his job to catch the ball in tight windows so that’s not really an excuse. His performance has gone downhill since last season. Hopefully, he can find his groove in the near future.

Fans were wildly displeased with Nelson Agholor’s performance versus Dallas. There was a ball thrown directly to him that was easily catchable. Fans speculated that he seemed to pull his hands back at the last second and did not even attempt to catch the ball. Mack Hollins has continuously dropped the ball as well. Perhaps it’s now time to give JJ Arcega-Whiteside more snaps and see if it can spark something. So far this season, the receivers have been mostly disappointing, but hopefully, they can turn it around.

Last but certainly not least, the drama as of late has been a big distraction for the team. Recently, an anonymous source criticized Wentz claiming the offense is “too complicated for him” which was affecting his ability to throw a deep ball. When asked, Jeffrey claimed he thought the claim sounded made up. Ertz said, “You can’t put any merit behind it without a name.” Regardless, the fans seemed to agree if you have a problem, tell it to their face. There’s no need for unnecessary drama distracting our players right before a game. Following his release from the team, Orlando Scandrick went on to blast the Eagles during his appearance on ‘Undisputed.’

According to an article from NBC Sports Philadelphia, Scandrick cited a losing mentality and criticized Malcolm Jenkins’ leadership in the locker room. Jenkins fired back saying he didn’t really care. Later, the Eagles tweeted a clip of Scandrick telling Jenkins following a big stop, “That’s why you’re the captain.” Fans loved the petty response proving Scandrick to be a liar and a hypocrite. The Birds seemed to be able to move past it with a big road win over Buffalo this past Sunday.

Hopefully these issues will be corrected soon and become a thing of the past. The Eagles look for a win over Chicago this Sunday. Kick-off is at 1:00 p.m.

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