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Philadelphia Phillies: Evaluating Roman Quinn




For teams that don’t make the playoffs, September is a fun time for fans as they get a chance to see the future with late season call-ups. The Philadelphia Phillies have quite a bit of prospects that have been using this opportunity to leave a significant impression on the big league ball club. One of those prospects is outfielder, Roman Quinn.

In 14 games, Quinn hasn’t exactly put together the stats at the plate that he may have liked. Batting only .226 is not exactly ideal for a young player and is certainly something for him to work on. However, while his average may not be very good, he has some promising ability that he has shown on both sides of the ball.

Roman Quinn’s speed and athletic ability have been on display since he got the call-up. The 23-year-old possesses rare traits that seem extraordinary at times and can really amaze both spectators and scouts.

While these traits are certainly promising, it is a bit far-fetched to believe that he can become an above average player with them alone.

As a prospect, one of the things that scouts loved about Quinn was his athleticism. In fact, at one point he was the Phillies most athletic player in their system and it wasn’t even close.

While that can be extremely exciting, the problem with Quinn has never been his ability, but his injuries. Throughout his career Quinn has constantly battled staying on the field and it has certainly hindered his development. Every season it seems as though Quinn is ready to take a step in the right direction and then something happens to set him back.

While it is always fun to have an optimistic view towards prospects, it certainly seems more ideal to give a realistic view towards their potential. The ability is all there with Quinn, but until he can prove that he can stay on the field for an entire season it seems unlikely that he becomes the player that the Phillies once hoped he would.

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