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Philadelphia Phillies Trade Rumors: Cameron Rupp Could Provide Value

Cameron Rupp (Rich Schultz / Getty Images)

Cameron Rupp (Rich Schultz / Getty Images)


As the MLB trade deadline slowly approaches, it is time to evaluate which players on this Philadelphia Phillies team have the most trade value. It is obvious that, if the Phillies do execute a trade, they will be executing a sellers trade in this year’s market. With that being said, there seems to be a potential trade chip on this Phillies that may intrigue some teams and that is catcher, Cameron Rupp.

Rupp has been a bit of an unknown this season. His hitting has really come alive, but his glove is a bit of a liability. Still, having a capable catcher that can hit is very valuable in this league and is something the Phillies should consider when discussing trade opportunities.

In 56 games, Rupp has nine home runs, 26 RBI’s, and a .287 batting average. These are quality numbers from a player that was once seen as only a back-up catcher. Although Rupp is fairly young, it doesn’t seem likely that he is in the Phillies future plans especially when they have two promising prospects at the position in Andrew Knapp and Jorge Alfaro.

With this is mind, maybe it would be in the Phillies best interest to trade Rupp while he still has some value and maybe add to their system of prospects. To make things clear, Rupp is not the type of player that will net the Phillies a top of the line prospect, but depending on what a team sees in him he may be able to garner them a prospect or two with starter upside.

Since Rupp’s glove is considered the drawback of his game, it makes sense that the Phillies attempt to trade him to an American League team. If traded to a team in the AL, Rupp could be a designated hitter and be a formidable back-up catcher if the team ever needs it.

Teams like the Texas Rangers, Indians, and Orioles that are at the top of their division may inquire about the 27-year-old. All of these teams will be in contention for the playoffs and will more than likely be buyers at the trade deadline.

The Phillies have a valuable opportunity in catcher, Cameron Rupp. With how clutch he has been recently and his potential on offense they would be stupid to not even shop him around to other ball clubs. If the Phillies can get a decent offer, expect them to pull the trigger and make a deal happen with Rupp.

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