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Philadelphia Phillies trade rumors: Is Velasquez on the verge of being traded?

Vincent Velasquez (Getty Images)

Vincent Velasquez (Getty Images)


Velasquez has been a durable pitcher for the Philadelphia Phillies thus far. His stuff is unquestionable and has shown signs of better control. With the trade deadline approaching, the Phillies have received interest from at least one team for Vincent Velasquez.

In his last outing, the Texas Rangers sent multiple scouts to cover the game. It has been known that the Rangers are looking at acquiring a pitcher before the deadline and they wouldn’t invest as much manpower in scouting Velasquez if the interest wasn’t serious.

It seems odd to say that Velasquez could be traded again just after being acquired from the Houston Astros only eight months ago. However, it would also be dumb for the Phillies to not even listen to what other clubs had to offer.

A guy like Velasquez is certainly an interesting acquisition. He is under contract until 2021, so as far as control goes he is as good as it gets. His ability is also something that can get you excited because if he ever figures out his control issues, he has the potential to be one of the best pitchers in the game.

The Phillies are well aware of all the upside a guy like Velasquez brings, which is why the asking price on him is a steep one. The Phillies are said to want two hitters from the Rangers. They want one major leaguer and a top prospect that is close to the majors.

It seems likely that the prospect the Phillies are most interested in is outfielder, Joey Gallo. Gallo has been scouted as a player with tremendous upside. His power and arm are both well above average and he is relatively close to the majors.

Gallo is listed as the Rangers number one prospect in their farm system. So if they were to give that up they would have to be all-in on Velasquez.

Right now, a deal between the two clubs seems unlikely. However, as the trade deadline gets closer and closer talks begin getting ramping up and could push one side to pull the trigger on an offer. Velasquez is a young man at 24-years-old who seems to have the best years of his career still ahead of him. If he does get traded, the Phillies better make sure they get some players back that have some serious upside.

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