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Philadelphia Union Coach Jim Curtin talks progress of the team

Philadelplia: There is a buzz surrounding the Philadelphia Union as they are currelty tied for first place. On Monday, Philadelphia Union Head Coach Jim Curtin was a guest on “The Daily Ticket” with Sean Brace on Fox Sports The Gambler which is the new sports radio station in Philadelphia.

Jim Curtin would open up about shaking up the lineup in the win over DC United on Saturday at Talen Energy Stadium:

“We were a little flat in our last two games even though we got positive result in one of them, we were not our selves so we went with young fresh legs and the guys responded well. We have a deep roster and we have used the entirly the whole year and different guys stepped up at times, It was a good perfoeance, Talen Energy getting louder and louder every game that goes by now and the fans are really behind us now, the 45 minutes up 3-0 was probabaly the best half of soccer we had in a while, the guys gave us new life and now ready for the big game against Atlanta.”

Curtin was asked has he felt a difference in the crowd at Talen Energy Stadium:

“Yes, absolutly, its everything I don’t think fans recognize just what it does not for us in a positive way but for the opponent in a negative way, they start to feel the pressure, little imtitated chages their game & get out of they rythem and the mistakes start to happen, the Crowd can be a big part of pusing us on in the big moments.”

Curtin about allowing the cameras in to see how the team gets ready for games as they continute their playoff push:

“Usually we are fighting  for 6th of 7th or a bottom seed in the playoffs so we decied to ramp things up and make our players realize that this is a special season and we are not waiting to grow slowley anymore the time is now and our players think have responded to that to approch the final 10 game block as a playoff game the intentisty of the playoffs is a different animal, we have alot of young players that have not played in playoff games and try to get that through them now, the veterans can carry the load and talk about it, until tey go it, you really don’t know what a real playoff game is so we are trying to ramp it up now and the players have responded to it.”

Curtin about the Atlanta game on Saturday at Talen Energy Stadium:

Curtin on building off the win over DC United heading to battle with Atlanta:

“They are confident I think they are ready to go, we have gotten better as the season has gone on, I don’t think we have had played our best game yet which is a good thing still as the playoffs approaching and getting that home field advantage just like in any sport is critical in our league.”

The Philadelphia Union will battle Atlanta United on Saturday at 7PM from Talen Energy Stadium with First Place on the line as both teams are tied with 48 points.

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