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Phillies Set to Enter Spring Training With Plenty Of Concerns

2-19-2015. Do you know what that day is?

Yup, the day the Philadelphia Phillies begin Spring Training in Clearwater Florida.

Yes I am so excited. Why? Simple. I have been a huge Philadelphia Phillies fan since age five. Baseball is something that you have to have the skill or you will be stuck in left field.

So much is going on this year with the Phillies. While half of me is excited, the other half is not looking forward to the “Rebuilding Process”.  Despite uncertainty of the starting line up, Phillies GM Ruben Amaro still seems to find himself in the spot light.

I’m sure you all heard about the Ryan Howard debate.  To me it’s just pretty simple, eat his contact or keep him.  One thing is for sure, he has worn out his welcome in Philadelphia. From day one, I liked Howard. I have the same injury as him and it is hard bouncing back. Sticking to minor leagues and being DH is the best solution to maintain his career. Unfortunately, there is no DH in the National League.

Another issue is who’s playing first? Amaro made it clear that he wants to get rid of Howard, which would mean a vacant spot. Darin Ruff has made it aware to the Phillies fans that he is more than capable to hold the 1st base position down well. Again, that remains with a question mark?

With many question marks in the Phillies Organization, there is just one more question outside of the box; Who is going to be “the voice” of the Phillies? Since the great Harry Kalas passed, the box just hasn’t been the same.  Jamie Moyer was a great pitcher but not the best sports caster. As of right now, Matt Stairs is still there with one more year on his contact and an extra seat available.

So many questions arise in the Phillies clubhouse. Any reason for concern? Two questions that you will hear during every Phillies conversation is when are we letting Amaro and Howard go?

Guess we’ll have to wait and see until the final decisions round off for home plate.

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