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Phillies Want Top Five Prospect For Jeremy Hellickson

Jeremy Hellickson (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

Jeremy Hellickson (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)


The Philadelphia Phillies have, once again, found themselves in a good position as sellers before the trade deadline. Their biggest trade chip, Jeremy Hellickson, has had quite the resurgence this season and has been really dialed in as of late.

Timing might be the most important thing when it comes to trade talks. Last season, Cole Hamels seemed to be struggling in many of his outings, but days before the trade deadline pitched his magnificent no-hitter and all was forgiven and forgotten. Had he not thrown that stellar performance at the brink of the deadline, the Phillies would not have been able to get the return that they did in the trade that sent him to the Texas Rangers.

Hellickson will obviously not command the type of return that Hamels did, but that doesn’t change the fact that he is arguably the best pitcher on the trade block right now. The Phillies are well aware of what the market has to offer, which is evident of their asking price for the 29-year-old.

It’s been reported by various sources around the league that the Phillies want a top five prospect from the team that they deal Hellickson to. This may seem a little rich, but the Phillies have also gone on record saying that they don’t feel that trading Hellickson is a must; meaning if a trade does not happen the Phillies won’t feel disappointed.

A top five prospect could be a day and night difference depending on which team the prospect is traded by. For example, getting a top five prospect from a team like the Red Sox with a loaded farm system would be much more valuable than getting one from the Angels with a bottom ten farm system.

With this being in mind it shows that the Phillies will be negotiable with teams when discussing Hellickson. It also shows, however, that the Phillies won’t settle in attempts to make sure he is traded by the deadline. This being the case, it’s likely that Hellickson might not be traded until a last minute offer occurs.

Hellickson has proven himself to be a durable workhorse in the middle of this Phillies rotation so if the Phillies decide not to trade him; it’s still a good move. One thing is for sure, whatever happens, the Phillies front office is going to be very busy the next couple of days.

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