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Phillip Evans: “The Next Big Thing” for the Mets?

Will the 25-year old Evans thrive in his first major push in the big leagues?

Looking down the Opening Day roster for the Mets, it’s a who’s who of players. One name that sticks out is someone who was a small blip in the radar when Spring Training began. Now, Phillip Evans is a torpedo, firing at full speed to become a key role player for the Mets. Evans has a chance to prove to the team he belongs, and maybe even create some classic memories along the way.

A 15th round pick for the Mets in 2011, Phillip Evans was considered a top commodity for the team early on. There was some radio silence regarding him in the beginning, until recently. Last season, he played in 19 games for the Mets, hitting .303 with a .395 OBP. What did he do during Spring Training? He had an impressive stat line, batting .261 in 46 at-bats, with a .382 OBP and an .838 OPS. Those latter numbers are something to look out for.

Looking for any way to prove his worth, Evans’ Cinderella story continues from Port St. Lucie to Flushing. While in the Big Apple, he will look to take advantage of any opportunity he is given.

When I say he is “The Next Big Thing”, I don’t mean a Brock Lesnar-like figure. He may not sound like the sexy role player other teams are carrying around, but he doesn’t have to be. Over the years, the most unlikely players have stepped up when needed. Think back to Mike Baxter, Justin Turner and, of course, Wilmer Flores.

As of this moment, he is a placement holder for when Michael Conforto returns from the DL. That could all change however, if he, like Brandon Nimmo, can excel at his role. Stranger things have happened, and Evans has been on a role with what he has been given.

Opening Day is here, and it’s a moment that Phillip Evans will never forget. After day one, his fate will be up the air. Let’s hope for his sake the Baseball Gods are smiling down on him.

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