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Posada: No A-Rod, PED Users in Cooperstown

New York Post

New York Post

Former New York Yankee Jorge Posada raised some eyebrows in a recent interview with CBS New York after he was asked what he thought about performance-enhancing drugs and the Hall of Fame.

Speaking with Mark Strassmann, Posada was asked if he thought players known to have used steroids deserved to be inducted into Cooperstown. Given some of the players he played alongside in his career, the answer was rather surprising.

“No,” he said. “No, I don’t think it’s fair for the guys that have been in the Hall of Fame that have played the game clean… I don’t think it’s fair. I really don’t. I think the guys that need to be in the Hall of Fame need to be (players) that played with no controversy.”

Those that remember Posada from his playing days not too long ago are familiar with his tendency to speak his mind. He is currently making the rounds to promote his new autobiography, “The Journey Home: My Life in Pinstripes,” but what he told Strassmann has to be better than anything written down in there.

For those wondering, the answer is yes… Posada was specifically asked about Alex Rodriguez, a teammate of his for eight years in the Bronx and perhaps the face of the steroid era. Posada never wavered, saying Rodriguez would be surprised to hear his take on No. 13’s career.

Rodriguez, talking to Mark Feinsand of the New York Daily News, addressed the comments.


Posada does not stand alone in his sentiments regarding Rodriguez and PED users, as the Baseball Writers’ Association of America has yet to vote such a player into the Hall, passing on players like Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Sammy Sosa and others. As well as Rodriguez is currently playing for the Yanks, it is impossible to deny that he is a liar and a cheater.

The former catcher is certainly sound in his reasoning, but one has to wonder how much he thought his comments through. In the interview Posada voices frustration over how Rodriguez (and Carlos Delgado) beat him out for the MVP award in 2003, but what about that World Series ring from 2009? Posada and the rest of the Yankees never win that championship without Rodriguez and his juice.

What does Posada think of that? Probably not enough to give up that ring.

Clemens’ name was also brought up in the CBS interview with Posada, yet there is no mention of his fellow Core Four member, Andy Pettitte. Pettitte was named in the Mitchell Report, citing his use of human growth hormone. The lefty apologized for his actions at spring training in 2008 and Posada sat there in support while the pitcher explained the HGH was just to recover from an injury.

Since then there has been little talk of Pettitte’s connection to PEDs.

While the tales of Pettitte, Rodriguez and Clemens are all drastically different, it would be hypocritical of Posada to take a different stance on the former. Yes, they were friends, but Pettitte still falls under that broad umbrella that Posada opened up. It is curious that he was not asked about his former battery mate.

Look, most reasonable people will understand the reasoning behind Posada’s comments, if not agree with them all together. He is not the first person or player to say PED guys do not belong in the Hall of Fame and he will not be the last. However, it is an interesting take considering how intertwined his career was with some of the game’s more notable cheaters.

Posada has decent message; he just may not be the right messenger.


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