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Predictions: NFL Wild Card Round

Our Expert Panel gives their predictions for this weekends NFL Wild Card matchups.

The NFL Playoffs start this weekend with the Wild Card Round. The Double G Sports Expert Panel has predicted the results of this weekends games, take a look:

New York Jets @ Cincinnati Bengals

Rob:  Strong running game and strong defense are what wins football games. The Jets are #1 in both categories. Pick – Jets.

John:  Jets. If Sanchez doesn’t turn the ball over more then once, they win; if he does, they lose.

Mark:  Jets. The cold weather this weekend will make throwing the ball difficult. The reeling Bengals showed last week they cannot stop the top ranked rushing attack of the Jets

Gregg:  Bengals. Cincy will give Rex Ryan a case of foot in mouth. Jets QB Sanchez will make a few key mistakes.

Philadelphia Eagles @ Dallas Cowboys

Rob:  Beating a team 3 times in one season is very difficult, especially when they are conference rivals. Still like Dallas anyway. Pick-Cowboys.

John:  Cowboys. Romo gets a small amount of playoff redemption; last playoff pass was picked by R.W. McQuarters..good memory.

Mark:  Close to 100,000 screaming fans supporting the Cowboys? Tony Romo exercises his playoff demons with a big win at home. As a Giants fan I hope both teams destroy each other. Pick – Cowboys

Gregg:  Last week was not a fluke. It wont be as much of a blow out, but Dallas wins this one in front of a raucous crowd. Pick – Cowboys.

Baltimore Ravens @ New England Patriots

Rob:  A banged up Brady and no Welker, still like experience of the Pats. Pick – Patriots, but in a very close game.

John:  Patriots. Ravens are hot; got a hunch that Brady and his O, even without Welker, will put up 30+ against the vaunted Ravens D.

Mark:  Belichick and Tom Brady at home in January? Nothing else needs to be said. Lock it up. Pick – Patriots.

Gregg:  With Welker out, Brady is missing his go to safety plug. The Ravens are hot and have a balanced attack. Should be a very good game. Pick – Ravens.

Green Bay Packers @ Arizona Cardinals

Rob:  Some are saying it was the Cardinals laying down to the Packers last week. I think it’s the Packers that are a better team. Pick – Packers.

John:  The Pack’s D is for real once they got accustomed to Capers and will shut down one dimensional Cards; Rogers erases GB’s last playoff memory of #4 being picked by C. Web..another good memory. Pick – Packers.

Mark:  If Anquan Boldin cannot play, the Cards lose a big piece of their offense. The Packers need a healthy Charles Woodson to match up with Larry Fitzgerald. Aaron Rodgers is ready to show everyone that he can win as well as Favre. The Packers win. Pick – Packers.

Gregg:  Green Bay is my pick to represent the NFC in the Super Bowl. The defense is very solid and Rogers will make some big plays. Pick – Packers.

Each week, the Double G Sports Expert Panel will provide their predictions. Check back weekly!

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