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Reality hits hard: Roman Reigns reveals he has Leukemia on Raw

The 33-year-old and must step aside and once again face his greatest enemy. This time, however, its an all too real one.

It was supposed to be a regular night of programming for WWE. Generally, Roman Reigns comes out, fans either cheer or boo, and we have ourselves some fun. Tonight was a bit different. Tonight, some reality came into play.

Reigns opened Raw with a shocking revelation; he has been fighting a battle with Leukemia for 11 years. After being in remission, it came back. The crowd, always vocal, went silent as Reigns poured his heart out. Roman had to give up the Universal Title and stated him taking time off did not mean he was retiring.

An absolute surreal moment. Whether you love or hate Roman the character, Roman the guy, or Joe, is someone very different. WWE sent out a press release stating that Reigns will be stepping aside to raise awareness and funds in order to find a definite cure for the disease.

In the end, as a unit, the crowd bellowed out “Thank You Roman” and “Cancer Sucks” chants. His Shield brothers of Seth Rollins and Dean Ambrose, with him since the beginning, gave him a proper, emotional farewell… for now at least. If you ever want to feel something, just check out Rollins’ emotions throughout.

WWE is an entertainment organization, but the people performing are exactly that; people. Reigns has battled through this before and he is determined to do so again.

We here at Double G Sports wish Roman well as he looks to beat this disease once again.

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