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Reality of Wrestling: An Indy Promotion on the Rise

Booker T (Courtesy: WWE)

Booker T (Courtesy: WWE)


With Booker T’s flexible WWE schedule in the past few years, some might have been wondering why he wasn’t as active with the company. I happened to be one of those people, so I started to do some digging, and I stumbled upon a great discovery. I must’ve been living under a rock or something, because Booker T has been promoting a gem of a wrestling promotion for a while now and I had no idea.

Formed in 2005, under the name Pro Wrestling Alliance at the time, Booker had a vision of starting a company that honored the legacy of Paul Boesch’s Houston wrestling and also wanted to properly train a new crop of young wrestlers. His school WXF, has helped develop well known stars of today, like the Usos, who are on the main roster in WWE.

The running of the school and promotion is definitely a family affair. With the help of both Booker T’s lovely wife Sharmell and his brother, Stevie Ray, who is known to the world as the other half of the popular WCW tag team, “Harlem Heat”.

Let me dig into the heart of the promotion. The amazing roster that Reality of Wrestling currently has. The tag team division is quiet impressive to me. The team that has all the components to make it big in my opinion is the “Heavenly Bodies”. They have an old school, Ole and Arn Anderson feel to them that I really dig. The classic ring attire and their physical statures takes you back to the glory days of tag team wrestling. I hope that they keep the titles for awhile. I see great feuds in their future.

Another promising tag team is the muscle head, Jersey Shore inspired “Pump Patrol”. I will admit that I’m not completely sold on the gimmick, but the wrestling ability, and chemistry as a tag team is there. I can’t wait to see how they develop over time.

Let’s move on to the singles wrestlers. I am very impressed with JJ Blake. He is good talker, confident and has solid wrestling skills. Abel Andrew Jackson has a good look. He seems like he knows how to use his height and weight to his advantage in the ring to present a dominant offense. I just hope that his gimmick of being a super intelligent, over confident, pompous, jerk doesn’t take away too much from his natural talents.

The top guy on the roster at the moment is a nineteen year old, who goes but the name of Gino. He is arrogant, cocky and a self proclaimed ladies man. Donning a red rose and white collared shirt that leaves a few buttons open for the women in the crowd, you see a heel in the making. I believe he has potential, I mean the wrestling skills are all ready there, but the confidence in his character can brought out a bit more. I can picture him down the line being a true babyface.

The Women in the company or Diamonds division, as it is called, has really given me hope in the future of women’s wrestling. Over the past few years women like Cinema, Stryke, Reyna, Hyaneyoung and the current Diamonds Champion Ivory Robyn. These women are bringing the in ring skills and great mic work that hangs equally to the men on the roster. I also love the diverse looks and wrestling style of each woman.

I am very impressed with the great care that the Huffman family have put into the longevity of this promotion. Also the investment and faith that they have in their roster.

These talented wrestlers have a bright future in the business, and it is a joy to have the ability to see them in their early years, get the solid foundation needed while being under a well organized company.

If you are in the Houston, TX area, please do yourself a favor and check out ROW.

If you’re like me and can’t have the pleasure of seeing them in the person, check out new episodes every Monday, Wednesday and Sunday on the Reality of Wrestling YouTube Channel.

Like and Follow Reality of Wrestling on Facebook and Twitter and Hashtag #ROWONCW if you like what you see!

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