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RealScoop Podcast, Episode 6: Repeat Offenders

At any rate, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are now one game away from certain elimination. Specifically, it could be argued this series was decided at the end of regulation in game one. Moreover, LeBron James is holding true to form, and has been vintage during the 2018 NBA Finals. Indeed, James has repeatedly pulled disappearing acts during critical stretches. in championship games.  In particular, LeBron James’s teams have now won 24 consecutive Eastern Conference playoff series. Yet, LeBron James will be 3-6 in the Finals. Hence, there is a significant correlation in LeBron James’s Hall of Fame career. Above all, the media hyped promotion of LeBron James warranting his place among the all-time greats.

Notably, the RealScoop podcast has conveyed to listeners, that will not pull any punches. For one thing, popular YouTubers, corporate-owned Networks, and newspapers, often have difficulties providing insight. Conversely, the first five episodes of the RealScoop podcast, provided analysis, and summary. Nevertheless, a recent listener complained that “all future episodes need ***spoiler alert warnings.”

Next, Nick Durst of the MetsCast, called-in. The New York Mets are certainly repeat offenders.  Similar to LeBron James, the New York Mets also pull disappearing acts, every season. Not to mention, those players who repeatedly spend time on the disabled list, every season. Whereas, the New York Yankees are just as good as advertised. Furthermore, we examined the best teams in Major League Baseball, currently.

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