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Recapping the AFC and NFC championship games

The Colts and Saints will meet in this years Super Bowl. Before we get into that however, a brief recap of the conference championship games.

Yesterdays conference championship games were a little different. One game had a team take over in the second half and pull away, the other went into overtime. Two top quarterbacks moved on to the Super Bowl, one may have been sent into retirement, again, and a rookie quarterback may have come into his own and shown his team that the future is bright. Let’s take a look:

New York Jets @ Indianapolis Colts

The New York area can now turn its full time attention to baseball season as Spring Training is just around the corner. The Jets surprising postseason run came to an end. The #1 rushing attack was not able to take over the game as it had in its previous playoff contests. The Colts used their very fast defense to slow them down. Jets rookie quarterback played a very good game. He got away with a few bone headed decisions, but overall, Jets fans should be very excited to have this guy running the offense for years to come. A few injuries gave the Jets some matchup problems. If you give Peyton Manning those chances, he WILL beat you. Manning and the Colts completely dominated the second half on their way to the 30-17 victory. The young Colts receivers stepped up in a big way. Hey Jets fans, be proud of your team, it took one of the best quarterbacks ever to beat you. Plus, you don’t have to watch Favre in the Super Bowl either!

Minnesota Vikings @ New Orleans Saints

As good as Brett Favre is, he just seems to make idiotic decisions that cost his teams. It happened again yesterday as the Vikings were driving the ball in Saints territory with the clock running down. All they needed to do was keep control of the ball and let their field goal kicker kick the winning score. Favre however was forced to leave the pocket and attempted an across the body throw that ended up as an easy interception, forcing the game into overtime. The Saints would win the coin toss and eventually the game. The interception overshadowed a very good game by both quarterbacks, Brett Favre and Drew Brees. The Vikings however dominated the game for the most part. Turnovers proved to be the difference. The Vikings turned the ball over five times. Adrian Peterson fumbled a few times. The Saints took advantage. This game was a classic hard fought battle. It was nice for the city of New Orleans to witness a champsionship.

Super Bowl

Colts vs Saints

Peyton Manning vs Drew Brees. Manning will be taking on his home town team. Taking on the team his father used to play for. Another battle of offenses. Another battle of great quarterbacks. Many people wanted a Manning/Favre Super Bowl. I think I like Manning/Brees just as much.

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