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Red Bulls to Honor Mike Petke Saturday

Mike Petke (

Mike Petke (


Mike Petke may have only spent one season at the helm of New York Red Bulls, but he will always be a big part of their history, as the fans proven over and over again. This time around, however, it is in a more positive manner.

Following his firing as head coach earlier this year many supporters took to Twitter, Facebook, and even Red Bull article comment sections to rip the team for their actions. Now, as part of the Red Bulls “honoring the moments and the players that have shaped and molded the club’s history,” Petke was voted by fans as one of the team’s top 20 players of all time, meaning he will be honored at Red Bull arena prior to Saturday’s clash with Columbus.

Petke was part of the Red Bulls before they even were the Red Bulls as a member of the Metro Stars. He was there from 1998-2002 making 134 appearances and scoring five times. Petke then rejoined the team in 2008 and would stay until he retired in 2010, playing 35 more times to bring his total up to 169 matches played for the Metro Stars/Red Bulls.

Following his retirement from playing, Petke took various other roles with the club. He spent time as the Manager of Business Operations, assistant coach, interim head coach, and finally head coach for a season.

There is no doubt Petke has delivered a tremendous amount of success to this organization and his honor on Saturday is well-deserved.

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